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Uncategorized Sydni Craig-Hart on 29 Aug 2008

Question of the Week: Re-Entering The Work Force As a Virtual Assistant

I received the following email today from one of my readers and wanted to share it as many of you may have similar feelings:

I decided to stay home on a full time basis approximately 10 years ago to raise my three children. Prior to that time, my corporate roles, although titled impressively, basically relied on my skills in administration and organization. In the last 10 years I have done some volunteer work and helped a friend with her home-based business. At this time, I feel I, and my children, are ready for me to explore the next phase of my career.

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Uncategorized Sydni Craig-Hart on 29 Aug 2008

The Top 3 Ways to Get Started in Virtual Assistance

Now that you have been introduced to this amazing opportunity, I’m sure you’re really excited about all of the possibilities. You can see yourself working diligently from your home office (in your pajamas if you like!), on projects you enjoy, with clients you love and having complete control over your life and schedule. And maybe you’ve thought, “Yes, I can do this! Sydni did it and I can do it too!” And then perhaps you thought, “But wait … I don’t know where to start!”

Not to worry! I told you I was going to teach you how, right! So, today, we are going to talk about the Top 3 Ways to Get Started in Virtual Assistance.  Are you ready??? Continue Reading »

Uncategorized Sydni Craig-Hart on 04 Aug 2008

Typical Services Offerred By Virtual Assistants

I receive a lot of inquiries such as the following:

“Sydni, I am really interested in pursuing a Virtual Assistant business, but I don’t know what services I can offer!”

Imagine this: For the last 4 years, you’ve worked for a Managing Director named Bob Smith. Bob is the Global Head of Commercial Real Estate and he is responsible for the firm’s commercial real estate transactions around the world. He travels 250 days out of the year, keeps a crazy work schedule and is completely addicted to his Blackberry. Despite the fact Bob rarely spends more than a half-day in his office because he’s traveling throughout Asia, Europe and South America, you route his messages, organize his schedule, coordinate his travel arrangements, manage his expenses and filing, update his contacts, write his memos, buy gifts for his family, friends and clients and more. Do you actually need to see Bob to get your work done? Not at all. In fact, if you’re anything like me, you find it easier to work when he isn’t there! (Bosses tend to get in the way when they’re in the office, don’t they!).

Now, if you were running your own Virtual Assistance business, you’d be doing the exact same tasks for your clients. You’d be: Continue Reading »

Uncategorized Sydni Craig-Hart on 01 Aug 2008

How to Grow a Successful Virtual Assistant Business

Getting your Virtual Assistant business off the ground is a MAJOR accomplishment! If you already done so, congratulations and welcome to the ranks! And if you thinking about it or getting ready to take the leap, just DO it!

Once you’re up and running, you’ll want to focus your attention on making smart decisions and running an efficient, productive business. Today’s article offers three tips on how to grow a successful Virtual Assistant business: Continue Reading »