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Uncategorized Sydni Craig-Hart on 15 Sep 2008

Question of the Week – How does a person get started in the (Virtual Assistance) business?

Today I received the following email and wanted to share my reply with you:

I have been a secretary/admin/and now an executive assistant for a long time. I have increased my knowledge, education, and skills throughout the years. I am considered to be the best assistant in the office I currently work in — and always strive to be the very best…. I don’t plan on leaving my current position — but things can change quickly in “corporate America” so I want to see what it would entail to really be a virtual assistant. My #1 question is how does a person get started in the business? There are enough people doing it now — surely there are some “best practices”. I honestly see it as the future and think it would be a great business opportunity for me.
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Uncategorized Sydni Craig-Hart on 10 Sep 2008

Free Training Resources: Microsoft Excel, Outlook, Word, PowerPoint and OneNote

One of the essential keys to success as a Virtual Assistant is to invest in yourself and your business by continuing to educate yourself. You simply won’t be able to give offer your best to your clients if you don’t stay abreast of popular technology trends.

Most of use the Microsoft Office suite extensively in completing our tasks day-to-day. So, I thought you would enjoy knowing about some free resources that are available to you to brush up on your skills and that you can add to your toolbox. Continue Reading »