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Monthly ArchiveApril 2010

Marketing &Transition &Virtual Assistant Sydni Craig-Hart on 25 Apr 2010

Need More Clients? Fish Where the Fish Are!

The number one question I get asked about Virtual Assistance EACH week is:  “How do I get clients?”

The answer is very simple.  You have to “fish, where the fish are!”  And you have to “fish” consistently.

Many VAs find it difficult to market their services and thus struggle to consistently attract clients.  This has mostly to do with one’s mindset, because we can often hold ourselves back from success because of limiting beliefs, fears or doubts.  Have you ever thought to yourself:

  • “I can’t charge that much!”
  • “No one is really going to pay that for what I do.”
  • “Marketing is too hard and I’ll never be good at it.”

If you tell yourself things like this you’re right.  But if you tell yourself:

  • “My time is worth X and I deserve to be paid that much!”
  • “There are plenty of people who need my services and I’m going to find them!”
  • “I can learn how to market my services in an authentic and comfortable way!” Continue Reading »

Business Management &Organization Sydni Craig-Hart on 03 Apr 2010

The #1 Most Common Mistake to Getting Organized

I have a confession…..I am an office supply junkie!

I love to go to the office supply stores and get all the matching organizers like pencil cups, paper trays, folders, and covered memo boards. I love cool pens, pretty folders, interesting Post It notes…you get the picture.

It all looks so nice and neat in the store and I can just imagine my desk looking all neat and organized. Many times I’ve thought, “I know that once I buy all this stuff, I will finally be organized and I can get on with my day. ” It wasn’t until I started working with a professional organizer that I realized how wrong I was. Buying fun, pretty supplies is NOT the “magic pill” to having an organized office. It really boils down to eliminating what we don’t need, creating systems that work WITH you and making a commitment to sticking with the system.     Continue Reading »