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Marketing &Networking Wil Hart on 28 Jun 2011

Get New Clients, How – Part 3

Develop the “Follow Up Habit”

Do you ever wonder when your telephone will start ringing?  Are you sitting in your office waiting for prospects to call you and hire you?  If so, you will need to change this mindset immediately!  Please understand that if you do not take the initiative to follow up on even the smallest interest in your service, you may be stealing money from your own wallet.

How can you rob from your own wallet?  This is done whenever you have an opportunity to build your business and you, well, decide NOT to!  Do you have the habit of following up when you meet a new business contact?  Do you follow up even if there is a tiny bit of interest in what you have to offer?  Take for instance the family member who says to you, “I think I know someone who could use your help.”  How do you deal with this situation?  There are several action steps that you could take:

  1. You could wait for your relative to put you in contact with the person.
  2. You could ask your relative to pass on your contact information to the person.
  3. You could ask your relative for the contact information of the person.

Which of these action steps seems to be the MOST effective to you?  If you are going to develop the follow up habit, you have to take the initiative.  You want to take the best step that will put you in front of the referral.  Action step number three is the best way to go.  But, we can take it a step further.  Why not ask your relative for the contact information.  Tell her that you are going to call the referral.  Additionally, ask your relative to contact the referral as well to give them a heads up that you will be calling.  Are you doing this now? In order to develop the follow up habit, you ALWAYS have to take the big, bold initiative.

The same is true when you meet other people who mention that they have an interest in what you do.  Or, they may mention that they know of someone else who is looking for the type of support that you provide.  Do not rob money from your own wallet by not following up.  If you come into contact with a new acquaintance on Monday, it would be a great idea to give them a call on Tuesday.  Do you have difficulty figuring out what to say?  Here is a sample conversation starter:

“Hi Sharon, my name is Wil.  We met yesterday and I hope you are doing well.  I’m calling because I told you that I would follow up with you to give you more information about how I help my clients to increase their revenue in less time than they have done so in the past.”

Keep in mind that the sooner you follow up, the easier your conversations will be. You want to talk to people while you are still on their mind.  However, you do not want to wait until the person waits to call you.  Remember, you are not in high school.  You don’t want to have the attitude that ‘I’m not calling her until she calls me first’.  That is best way to steal money from your own wallet.

At this time, take out all of the business cards that you have gathered over the previous weeks and start making phone calls. You are in the business of building your business.  Getting into the follow up habit is one of the cheapest methods of marketing your business.   Put the money in your wallet and don’t leave it on the table!



Marketing &Networking &Target Market Wil Hart on 27 Jun 2011

Get New Clients, How? – Part 2

Clearly Talk About What You Do

A clear message always leads to better understanding.  Have you ever been in an airport and a heard a voice come over the PA system?  Sometimes, the message that the announcer dispenses is very unclear.  You cannot determine if the airplane that you plan to catch has begun the boarding process or if the doors have already been locked.  In a situation like this, hopefully you are in full view of what is going on at the gate where you plan to take off.  How frustrating!  Now, think about when you are telling someone about your profession. Does the person who is listening to you have a clear picture of how you serve your clients?  Can they determine that you are a service professional?      Continue Reading »

Target Market Wil Hart on 24 Jun 2011

How to Identify YOUR Target Market

One question Virtual Assistants ask as they are starting their business is, “Which businesses are best to target that will need a virtual assistant?” That question is a good one, indeed!  Oftentimes it is important to answer a question with a more piercing question.  Therefore, I want to look into the ‘which businesses need a VA’ question with yet another question.  My question is this, “What problems do you solve as a VA?”      Continue Reading »

Marketing &Target Market &Virtual Assistant Wil Hart on 15 Jun 2011

Get New Clients, How? – Part I


With any endeavor in life, we try to put ourselves in the best position possible to get the things we need in life.  When you were in grade school perhaps you thought about going to college so that you would be in a better “position” to obtain a good paying job.  (More than likely you weren’t taught to start your own business when you were in high school).  Now that you are running your own business, it is your ultimate goal to make your business a thriving one.      Continue Reading »

Achieving Goals &Business Management &Mindset &Time Management &Virtual Assistant Sydni Craig-Hart on 10 Jun 2011

5 Ways to Manage Your Day and Increase Your Income


It’s the most precious resource we have and one of the very few that cannot be replaced. For Virtual Assistants looking to create a highly successful, lifestyle-focused business it is essential that we use the gift of time well so that we can achieve our goals.      Continue Reading »

Marketing &Networking &Virtual Assistant Wil Hart on 08 Jun 2011

Successful Marketing Part IV – Networking to Build Your Business

“Do you know a good…?”  That simple question is the beginning of networking!  How often do we look to others for a solid resource that will improve our lives?  This is at least a weekly if not a daily occurrence.  “Do you know a good Vegan restaurant… a good hairstylist… a good mystery novel… a good dentist?  The list is infinite!  Either we ourselves or someone we know is looking for a reputable something or someone. Think about it, if that recommendation is followed through, someone just gained a new client. When situation is appropriate, that someone could be you! Continue Reading »

Marketing &Networking &Virtual Assistant Wil Hart on 06 Jun 2011

Successful Marketing Part III – Your Warm Market

Do you know that you are possibly sitting on a gold mine!  Whether you are new or experienced as a virtual assistant, it is important for you to tap into your warm market.  “What is my warm market?” you may ask?  I’m so glad that you asked that question because it is a great topic for discussion. Continue Reading »

Achieving Goals &Mindset &Networking &Resources Sydni Craig-Hart on 03 Jun 2011

How to Break Through Your Challenges and Get Back in Gear

If you have felt “stuck” with where you’re at in your VA business, especially as it relates to accomplishing the goals you’ve set for yourself,  I want to assure you that it is possible to get “un-stuck,” break through the challenges you’re facing and get back in gear.

How? Continue Reading »

Marketing &Target Market &Virtual Assistant Wil Hart on 03 Jun 2011

Successful Marketing Part II – Who is Your Target Market?

What is your answer to the question in the title of this blog post?  If your answer is, “I don’t know”, this post is designed for you.  If you do already have a target market, you will get some helpful reminders as to why it is imperative for you as a business owner to focus on serving that market. Continue Reading »

Marketing &Networking &Virtual Assistant Sydni Craig-Hart on 01 Jun 2011

Successful Marketing – Part I

At EA to VA we have conducted several surveys over the past several years.  The most popular question that we receive is, “How do I get clients and run a successful business?”  This is a very important question.  If you belong to the EA to VA community, you know that there are many resources available to you that will teach you how to run a solid Virtual Assistance business.  We encourage you to keep following the blog and post comments and questions when they arise.  Also, take advantage of the many resources within the weekly ezine. Continue Reading »