Give yourself the credit you deserve!

Many people doubt their self-worth. This is the case especially for woman. That can even be increased for female entrepreneurs.

“Will people buy what I am selling? Might they think I’m a fraud? Who am I to try and be successful in business?”

Let’s stop right there! If you have such feelings of self-doubt, it is important that you believe the next fours words in this article. YOU ARE THE BOMB! End of story.

Of course it is not that easy to dispel negative feelings that may have deeply entrenched roots. But, I want to help you to start realizing that you can overcome such feelings. In fact, it is a MUST if you are to be a successful entrepreneur. So, where might those feelings of low worth come from? As an administrative assistant in the work force, you are used to being at someone else’s beck and call. Clearly, that is the main function of an administrative assistant. Run here, run there. It never seems to end. That type of employment forces you to answer to every whim of other people. What is more, it may even be hard to make decisions without the approval of a superior.

Now that you seek to be a successful entrepreneur, you may find it difficult to take the first, second or even third step towards accomplishing your goals. How can you combat low self-esteem?

The key is to learn how to pat yourself on the back as you take steps towards building the business that you desire. When you learn to gain your own approval, you will find it refreshing. You will also realize that the pressures imposed upon you by other people will dissipate. Become proud of your accomplishments in everyday life, not just in business. As you become more adept at building up your self worth, you will see your level of accomplishment skyrocket. Start now by repeating this phrase, “I am the BOMB. I am SMART. I am SUCCESSFUL in all that I do.”

Feel that positive energy and allow it to boost your self-worth, your personal productivity and your Virtual Assistance business.