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Monthly ArchiveSeptember 2012

Business Management &Finances Wil Hart on 10 Sep 2012

3 Surefire Ways To Get Your Clients To Pay On Time!

Protecting your business interests is a must. Always remember that you are not running a not-for-profit organization. That means getting paid late by your clients is a “No, no”! How can you avoid payment problems with your clients? Look at the three tips listed below.

1. Sign A Contract

A contract is an agreement that safeguards you and your clients. This is the first line of defense to protect yourself from client who may be trying to avoid paying you. Your terms as a service provider must be made clear in writing. Clients should know exactly what services they are paying for and how much they will owe you. Additionally, your contract should include when payment is due and what constitutes a late payment. Likely, you have heard the term, “the pen is mightier than the sword”. When you have terms and agreements in writing, life if much easier than fighting to get someone to pay you for services that you have already rendered.

2. Get 100% Pay Up Front

When you work with a new client, do not feel bad about receiving your fee in full before you start to work on his project. When payment is made up front, there will be no money matters to squabble about during the working relationship. In fact, you as a service provider will be able to work with a clear mind and laser focus because you now have to deliver on the promise that you have been paid for. Your work is positively affected when you do not have to worry about when or if your client is going to pay on time.

3. Monthly Retainer

A great way to manage your cash flow is to work with clients on a retainer basis. For instance, you may have a 3-month retainer as your policy. That means, when your prospective clients agree to work with you, they know that they are locked in for a minimum of three months. When the agreement is signed, you both understand that the relationship is established for three months. This will surely minimize late payments, especially if you get paid before you start working. How would your cash flow change if you have three to five 3-month retainer clients?

As a Virtual Assistant, you are providing valuable services to your clients. It is part of your duty to ensure that your clients pay you on time so as not to disrupt the working relationship that you have created. Implement these three business-building habits into your practice and notice the dramatic improvement in your income and client relationships.

Mindset &Physical Health Wil Hart on 06 Sep 2012

How Does Good Health Build Your Business?

It is possible that you have heard of the many wonderful benefits of regular exercise. My question to you is this, ‘Why should you seriously consider the powerful connection between good health and how it can help you to be successful as a Virtual Assistant?’

Let us make the connection to some of the benefits of good health and good business practices. When you exercise you are likely to experience:

1. Increased blood flow to the brain – As you receive more oxygen to your brain, it will increase your mental alertness and concentration. If you find that you have difficulty staying focused on the tasks at hand, you may be suffering from mental sluggishness. Get out of that lethargic state by walking for 30-40 minutes each day.

2. Reduced stress – Because you work with clients virtually, you rely heavily on technology to help you accomplish your business objectives. It goes without saying that breakdowns in technology produces increased levels of stress. Another stress inducing situation is working with clients and the challenging personalities they may have. If you have a good exercise routine, you will feel better physically and reduce the anxieties that you experience in your work and life.

3. State of happiness – Regular exercise produces a good feeling in many people. When you feel good and happy, you are poised to be more productive and to increase the happiness of those who work with you. Your happiness will infiltrate everything that you do. When you correspond with your clients they will notice a good aura when they hear your voice, read your emails and collaborate to accomplish goals. You will show up well when you are marketing your business and seeking out new clients. I know that you want to draw new clients into your business. Being in a state of happiness will help!

Regular exercise will improve your well-being. It will benefit your relationships, your personal health and your business success. Why not use exercise as a business building strategy. Your success as a Virtual Assistant depends upon it. Get started today!