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Mindset &Social Media &Technology Wil Hart on 21 Jan 2013

3 Ways To Go Deeper than A “LIKE”

The world of technology is bold, beautiful and downright fancy. We have entered an age of doing almost everything at the push of a button or at the click of a mouse (or track pad you Mac lovers). One of the dangers of technology is that it may be adversely affecting our ability to focus, share and think.

In our quick pace lifestyle, we have learned to stick and move with the newest technology available. However, we have more questions than ever before.

We have the ability to share information at lightning speed. However, we are missing out on making human connections.

We are capable of “Liking” things, without expressing the why behind it.

In this article, it is my goal to help you to slow down and think about what is important for you as a Virtual Assistant. Take time to think about why and how you are using social media. Are you willing to make a deeper connection with the people behind the avatar? When you read a blog post, an article or come across other things that you enjoy, make it your goal to develop a deeper relationship.

Here are three strategies that you can use to make a deeper connection than just clicking the “LIKE” button.

Give A Reason: There is a certain motivation that forces you to click the LIKE button. In order to make a deeper connection, share why you like the thing. Did you read a blog post that gave you a new idea to improve your business? That deserves a LIKE! Did a Facebook friend share new technology that may halve the effort you put into completing a task? LIKE! Whatever the motivation is, give a specific reason for the LIKE.

Ask Questions: If you see a video that is helpful to you and you decide to click the LIKE button, look for a comment box. Ask the presenter a question. This will create an engaging conversation. A few examples of questions you may ask are: What was your inspiration for making that video? How did you get such awesome lighting? When is your next video coming out? With questions, you can get into the mind of the author of the material that you enjoy.

Share Your Thoughts and Experiences: Your feelings, thoughts and experiences are so valuable to other LIKE’rs out there. Deepen your online relationships by sharing. The next time you read a fascinating article that is relevant to you, offer your experience and thoughts. Just as you have benefited from the content, the author will benefit from your heartfelt expressions.

The progression of technology is a wonderful boon to our modern lifestyle. Take time to think about why you want to hit the LIKE button. When you do so, add one of the strategies above in order to create deeper connections with the real people who are online. (Don’t forget to LIKE this blog post and tell me why :-))

Mindset Wil Hart on 18 Jan 2013

3 Steps For Realizing Your Goals

You do not want to miss the mark of accomplishing your 2013 goals! How are you going to put yourself in the best position to realize your dreams? Think about the 5 most important goals that you want to accomplish this year. Are you having difficulty remembering what those goals are? If so, you don’t have any goals. I remember when I was a young athlete, I heard a quote that has motivated me up to this point, “Dreams are dreams until you write them down. Then they become goals.” I don’t remember whom to credit for those fine words, but they sure are helpful.

I recently read the results of a study that was conducted by Gail Matthews, Ph.D. She is a clinical psychologist who focuses on life transitions and overcoming barriers to success. Dr. Matthews discovered that a specific focus group on average accomplished 76% of their goals. How would your Virtual Assistance business benefit if you accomplished 76% of your goals? I know that you would see a marked improvement in your success as an entrepreneur. But, what did these individuals do who experienced such remarkable results? There were three things they did that I hope you will implement in your business.

  1. Their goals were written and rated. The rating included the following:
    • Level of difficulty
    • Level of importance
    • Level of skill and resources needed in order to accomplish the goal.
    • Level of commitment and motivation
  2. Their goals had written action commitments.
  3. They created an accountability system.

If you want to start or grow a successful Virtual Assistance company, you can realize your goals by implementing this same strategy. Here is how you can take action now.

  • Write out the goals that are important to your business and to your life.
  • Write out the action steps that will position you to complete those goals.
  • Create an accountability system by involving a friend or colleague who is willing to help you stay focused. Sharing a weekly progress report with them will give you the juice you need to keep pressing forward.

The process is really simple. However, the activity part may be where you need the most help. The thing that especially fascinated me about this study is that the suggestions are closely related to a goal setting formula that I have been using for years. You can take the information above and create your own system for accomplishing goals or you can just use mine. Email me at Wil@EAtoVA.com and I will send over your Goal Setting Formula.

January is now half over. In the snap of a finger, July will be knocking on your door. Are you ready to stop planning and start taking action on the objectives that you have set for your business? Do not allow another year to go by with you having unfulfilled dreams. Commit to yourself and to the process of setting goals and accomplishing them. By doing so, you will flourish as a Virtual Assistant.

Marketing &Podcast &Virtual Assistant Wil Hart on 16 Jan 2013

The VA Success Cafe: Episode 9

You can only do so much marketing by speaking to prospective clients face to face. The marketing materials that you use however, can speak for you and your Virtual Assistance business 24 hours a day. It is imperative that your marketing message, both spoken and written be clearly understood by those who hear or see it. If you have a website, business cards, flyers or any other marketing collateral, what should be included in your message? Find out by clicking the play button on this audio.

Networking &Virtual Assistant Wil Hart on 09 Jan 2013

The VA Success Cafe: Episode 8

What comes to mind when you here the term “Networking”? Do you cringe at the thought of standing in a room with a bunch of people who are passing out business cards and hoping to walk away from the event with more money in their bank accounts? I hope not. That’s far from what networking is or should be. Networking is involved in almost everything that you do. Have you ever needed a baby-sitter or a really good doctor? Where did you turn in order to find someone who is reputable. Likely, you asked a trusted friend or family member. That is networking! Click play on the audio link above and learn how to be natural and comfortable with productive and authentic networking.

Achieving Goals &Mindset &Virtual Assistant Wil Hart on 07 Jan 2013

3 Reasons To Ask Yourself “Why?”

Let’s be honest! If you look back at the previous 12 months of your life, do you find things that are noteworthy or humdrum?

Noteworthy – (adjective) Significant or unusual.

Examples of things that are noteworthy:

  • Accomplishing meaningful goals.
  • Building or repairing important relationships.
  • Breaking through a paralyzing limiting belief.

Humdrum – (adjective) Lacking excitement or variety; dull; monotonous.

Examples of things that are humdrum:

  • Allowing hours, days and months to pass you by without making quality contributions to your life or that of others.
  • Embracing a life that is stuck in a rut.
  • Empowering others to dictate how your life will turn out.

Do you recall the day when you planted the idea in your mind to start your own Virtual Assistance business? Has that seed sprouted and begun to flourish? Did the idea motivate you to take some action in order to create a vision for yourself, set some goals and act on those goals?

If your seed of a thought has not yet sprouted, I can tell you exactly the reason it lays dormant in your mind. Your ‘WHY’ is not BIG enough! I cannot stress the importance of having a tremendous motivating factor. I know the feeling of setting a goal and shortly forgetting about it because it wasn’t strong enough to move me to action. Have you ever felt that way?

Here are 3 reasons you need to have a compelling ‘WHY’ in order to become a successful Virtual Assistant. This will force that implanted mental seed to germinate. Knowing your BIG WHY will do the following:

  1. Force you to be relentless. Have you ever been in a financial bind? It is amazing the resources that become available to you when you need money fast. (Just to be clear, I do imply legal resources.) During that time, when your mortgage is due, you won’t stop searching until you have a solution to the problem. The same is true when you are seeking to build your own business. You will find the resources and the mentors who can help you to be successful in business. You will not allow anything to stop you from doing so.
  2. Compel you to complete projects. A successful business is the result of completing a series of projects. When you have a vision of the type of business that you want to create, you will then need to map out the action steps that will enable you to accomplish your goals. Completing those action steps fulfills your goals.
  3. Empower you to create a life-enhancing business. We all have to work in order to provide for our families. If that isn’t a BIG WHY for showing up at a place of employment (that you may detest), I don’t know what is. I have spent the majority of my career as an employee. If you were to ask me why I worked for the companies that I’ve worked for, I would’ve stated, “I have to eat and pay bills!” That was my BIG WHY. If you’d like to know why I am now self-employed, send me an email and I will gladly share with you my new BIG WHY.

If you look back at 2012, do you find that experienced a year that was noteworthy or humdrum? If you were aiming for noteworthy and accomplished it, then CONGRATS! If you have just realizes you were living a humdrum year and want to make a change, I invite you to start where you stand and strive for something more. If you are now an employed administrative professional, think of ways that you can make your 2013 year-end review remarkable! Make a list of trainings that you can take. Look for daily tasks that you can complete quicker so as to improve your productivity.

If you are already working full-time as a Virtual Assistant, focus on how you can make 2013 a noteworthy year. Define what success means for you. It may be enrolling a certain number of clients or earning a specific income. Whatever the case, clarify your vision for success so that you can invest outstanding contributions to the fulfillment of your goals. Start taking the appropriate action today. Would you like a copy of the formula that I use to help me stay focused on my vision and take the right action to completing my vision? Email me (Wil@EAtoVA.com)!