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Monthly ArchiveFebruary 2013

Business Management Wil Hart on 15 Feb 2013

Read Your Way To Success

Think for a few minutes about the last book that you have read. How long has it been since you started or completed a book? Reading deeply and widely can help you tremendously in your Virtual Assistance business. Let’s take a look at several of the benefits that you can gain from picking up a book (or iPad or Nook or Kindle 😉

Reduce stress – By cracking open a book you allow yourself to disengage from what is going on in your life at that very moment. Of course this depends on your choice of reading material. Put this to the proof. If you need to relax, choose a reading topic that will take you to a place of serenity.

Increase vocabulary – Keep a pen and paper close by when you delve into your next book. You are likely to pick up a few new words of which definition you do not know. Avoid “thinking” that you know the meaning of a word. If you cannot readily define a word while at the same time provide a few synonyms and antonyms, then you do not have a good grasp and the word in this case is new.

Improve thinking ability – As a Virtual Assistant, you will face many business challenges. Reading widely and deeply can assist you with decision-making. You will begin to notice patterns in your business behavior that you may need to adjust, discard or adopt.

Broaden specialized knowledge – Would you like to improve your marketing skills? Maybe you need to develop some technical abilities. Choose any field of knowledge. If you choose to do so, through reading and application, you can become an expert on the topic.

Enhance writing skills – Good writers are good readers. If you have a blog or even desire to write a book some day, reading widely will build within you a wealth of knowledge on writing style, story-telling and content delivery.

Truly, the rewards that result from reading are endless. How many of the benefits listed above have you received from reading widely and deeply? Take note of other advantages that you have gained. Focus on how reading can help you establish and accomplish goals. It can empower you to overcome the most difficult mental blocks. When you open your mind through reading the experiences and ingenuity of other people, enriching your life and business is a guarantee.

Business Management Wil Hart on 01 Feb 2013

You Can Make Finding Clients Easy

Do you have enough clients? There are several ways for you to fill your business with ideal clients. However, if you do not have enough clients as you read this article, you haven’t found or implemented the steps to have a full practice.

One way that you can showcase your expertise to an audience who is waiting to hand you their credit cards is to follow the practical advice found here. So, keep reading if you want more clients to pay you to be their Virtual Assistant. Are you with me so far? Good!

Have you ever shot fish in a barrel? Not likely. But, that expression is a good way to look at finding clients. Do you want prospecting to be easier? Would you like for people who know you to be able to easily refer you business? Of course you do! Therefore, I won’t ask you any more silly questions because I know that you want to add more ideal clients to your business. Here is how you do it.

The demography of the clients you want in your business is crucial. Why? Demographics allow you to find oodles of ideal prospects in one place. It is similar to having a school of your favorite fish in a barrel. This is very simple. But, you must decide what group of people you want to serve. If you were to write out the demographics of the clients that you want to work with, what would that look like? The following questions will help you to figure this out.


  • What industry does your favorite clients work in?
  • Which professionals need your services? (i.e. interior designers, real estate agents, professional organizers etc.)
  • Where can you find these professionals in large groups?

When you decide to focus on serving a specific group of people in a specific industry, your clients win, you win, every one WINS! Why is this true? Think about this for a moment. If you identify yourself as one who specializes in solving specific problems for a specific group of people, your target market will stand up and say, “This is the Virtual Assistant that I need to help me grow my business!”

You should have clear-cut goals when it comes to marketing your business. One of those goals is to speak directly to the pain that your prospective clients are facing while demonstrating how to alleviate them of that pain. If you work with IT professionals and help them to manage their calendar, accounting and contacts, wouldn’t you want to find that specific group in droves? Of course!

It is imperative that you choose a target market so that you can locate many prospective clients at one time and show up as The Solution that they have been searching for. Marketing is simply a matter if putting your services in plain view of people who are already looking for you. I know you need more clients. Make the task of finding new clients easier on yourself by choosing a target market so that you can find ideal prospects en masse!