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Mindset Wil Hart on 26 Apr 2013

Hire Yourself, Fire Your Boss

I have no doubt that you are an amazing administrative professional. The skills that you currently possess may be enough for you to get starting in your new career as a Virtual Assistant. Although you will need to acquire new skills (as normal), the base knowledge and skillset that you possess could put you on the road to becoming an entrepreneur. What do I mean by that?

You Have The Needed Skills

The work that you are doing right now as an Executive or Administrative Assistant is currently paying your bills, correct? Great! It doesn’t matter if your in a law firm, an investment company or in the healthcare industry, your skillset is a wonderful asset to you. Think of the many activities that you engage on a daily basis. You are probably experienced in some or all of the following: Continue Reading »

Business Management &Virtual Assistant Wil Hart on 23 Apr 2013

Is Virtual Assistance A Real Business?

woman smiling at computerMany people are fed up and are looking for another way to support themselves financially. Does this sound familiar to you? It is possible that you have reached your limit of dealing with office politics, feeling unappreciated by your superiors, or just tired of the monotonous grind that you have experienced ever day for a number of years.

One of the points previously mentioned may have driven you to this blog. You may have heard a little bit about the Virtual Assistance industry. Perhaps the grapevine of communication has heightened your curiosity about how you can use your administrative skills to build a business of your own. Is it possible to replace or even exceed the income that you currently have? What really is a Virtual Assistant and is it a real business?

Continue Reading »

Business Management &Organization &Resources Wil Hart on 18 Apr 2013

How To Start A Virtual Assistance Business

Business Management Wil Hart on 12 Apr 2013

How Can You Eat An Elephant

Running a business has been compared to eating an elephant! That is a weighty thought when you consider that an elephant may not be able to fit into your home, let alone on your dinner plate. Similarly, thinking about starting a business (or keeping up with the one you have) may seem daunting.

Is the goal of running a successful Virtual Assistance business elephantine in your mind? Believe me, it’s totally okay if that is how you feel at this time. Many people want to become a Virtual Assistant because they have been laid off from their job. Many others feel that they have hit the glass ceiling of compensation and thus feel under-appreciated and under paid. Some want to be home when their children arrive home from school. Still, others are caring for ill relatives and need to earn a living on their own time. These various situations motivate individuals to look for another vehicle that will enable them to create their lifestyle. What is your reason? Continue Reading »

Podcast &Technology Wil Hart on 10 Apr 2013

The VA Success Cafe: Episode 14

In your Virtual Assistance business you will need basic tools to re-create the environment you once had when you were employed. What are some of the tools that you need? A good place to start is to take stock of technology that you already own before begin making purchases.

Podcast &Technology Wil Hart on 03 Apr 2013

The VA Success Cafe: Episode 13

In this audio you  will learn the importance of increasing your knowledge of technology. Doing so will increase your efficiency, reduce your effort and save you money. At the same time, you will learn why it is necessary to consider the taking in the right type of knowledge so that you will improve work and personal life.

Business Management &Technology &Virtual Assistant Wil Hart on 01 Apr 2013

How Can You Keep Your Client Work Organized?

Are you a Virtual Assistant who is looking for an easy way to collaborate with you clients and stay organized? If you are having difficulty staying organized in working with your clients, you may have too many locations where you store stuff.

For example, if you have 5 different clients that you work with, where do you save all of your communication? Is it difficult for you to keep track of the instructions that you receive via email? Does information get lost between the time you hear a voice mail to the time that you complete a task or project? It would be great if you could retain all of this information in one place. Well, the good news is, you can!

Basecamp is a fantastic resource that enables you to stay organized and focused when working with clients. Basecamp is online collaboration and project management software. Keep all of your data in one place so that you and your clients can review the same information at the same time. Additionally, you can edit and upload new versions of documents that you share. Why is this important for you? Basecamp will help you to stop losing emails and post it notes and voicemails. Upload all of the client notes that you have to Basecamp. Never lose a task or forget where you made notes about an important conversation.

Why is it so easy to keep track of files and conversations in Basecamp? Everything that you add to this tool is date stamped. You can get a visual timeline of the projects that you are working on currently. This let’s you know what is complete and where you may need to take action on specific project.

It is important for you to get and stay organized in your business. Impress your clients by staying on top of the tasks that you two have agreed on. Use Basecamp as the answer to the problem of being disorganized. Being disorderly is a choice. Therefore, make the choice of taking control of all of your business activity. Decide to be the captain of your business’ organization by implementing tools that will help you to serve your clients in a systematized and orderly way.