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Monthly ArchiveSeptember 2013

Skill Development Wil Hart on 30 Sep 2013

What Is The Next Skill

skill dev 1Growth is an ongoing objective of your Virtual Assistance business. A major component of business success is your skill development. Back in the day when you were employed, you likely had to learn new software, new systems or even new ways of carrying out your responsibilities. That type of skill development enabled you to remain relevant to your employer. Likewise, you have to continue developing your skill set as a Virtual Assistant.

This summer I’ve been working on building a few skills. One of them is video recording and editing. I love the excitement around creating videos and posting them on the web so that other people can benefit from them. There are so many tools and opinions on what to do and what to buy. The biggest challenge for me when it comes to skill development is finding the time to practice. Learning is one thing, but implementing what you learn is a different beast!

Do you have a list of skills that you need to add to your repertoire? If you do not, you may want to start creating one. The skills that you have now will need to be improved upon as time goes on. Your virtual work environment can become obsolete if you fail to implement helpful tools, knowledge and skill that will help you to grow your business. Avoid becoming stagnant. It is imperative that you increase your skill in order to grow your business.

Here is a tip to help you develop skill in a systematic way. First, make a list of the things that you want to learn. Second, rate these items according to level of important (i.e. #1 being most important, #10 least important and so on.) Third, add the training to your budget. Fourth, schedule a time for the training including when you will begin to practice and implement the things that you learn.

So, what is your next skill? I’d love to hear about the cool new things that you are learning now and plan to include in the future.

Mindset &Motivation Wil Hart on 16 Sep 2013

Motive Check… Why Are You Doing This?

motivation7 draft2What is in it for you? Would you like to see what is truly in your heard and why you are doing (or not doing) what it takes to reach your business goals?

Answer a few questions for yourself. How did you come across this article? Do you already have a Virtual Assistance business or are you seeking more information on how to create your own business? Why are you interested in the Virtual Assistance industry?

It is good to ask yourself these questions because you will want to get to the bottom of your motivation for gathering information. It is quite possible that you are (or were) an administrative support professional who is tired of the daily commute, office politics and the glass ceiling of compensation that you continue to bang your head against.

It is also possible that you have the desire to create your own income because your personal and family goals are the driving force that will get you started AND KEEP you in business for years to come. Do you have a desire to dictate your own schedule? If so, what is the motive behind that? Is it because you have an aging relative who needs constant assistance? Or, is it important for you to take your children to and from school without worrying about the heavy traffic jams that plague your commute to work?

Whatever your motive is, clarify it and hold it close to your heart. Your motive is what will get you started, keep you going and drive the success that you seek. I have an example that highlights the importance of motive. Have you ever known a person that kept a job that they hated? Every single day for years, they go into the same place of employment although they hate it. Perhaps you have even asked them, “Why do you stay in that job?” Their answer (which explains their motive), “I need the money”, or “I feel secure.”

Motive a powerful force that will keep you in a bad situation or yank you out of it and get you on the road to fulfilling your true goals in life. So, I ask you again, “What is your motive? Why are you seeking to learn more about starting your own business? Why have you already started your business? What keeps you excited about staying in business?

What is YOUR motive?

Business Management &Organization &Time Management Wil Hart on 06 Sep 2013

Why Planning Your Work Leads To An Outstanding Life!

It’s time to go to class. Business Development: 101! Image - Need Direction

One of the best things that you can do for your business today is to plan the next seven days of your working life. If you would like extra credit, you can plan the next 7 days of your personal life as well. Why is such planning a boon to your business? There are three reasons.

Reason #1 – Increased Energy and Excitement

There is something that fill make you slowly creep out of the bed in the morning. It is called a lack of direction. When you wake up in the morning and have no sense of direction, your desire to get out of bed will be impotent. How can you increase your energy and excitement for the tasks that you need to accomplish?

Plan your work! Give yourself a reason to wake up with enthusiasm every single day. Even if your goal seems difficult, focus on the benefits of achieving your objective. Take each activity one step at a time. Enjoy the process of getting things DONE! You know the joy that comes from striking through an item on your to-do list ☺.

By planning your activity in advance, you will wake up each day with the motivation that you need to build a successful virtual assistance business. (These same principles apply if you are currently employed.) Can you feel your energy bubbling forth as you read this? Here is a way that you can give yourself an edge each day. Make your first task super exciting! Ensure that the first activity of the day is worthy of your jumping out of bed.

Reason #2 – Increased Productivity

When you plan your work for the next seven days, the most important tasks and projects will clearly come to the forefront of your mind. These activities will help you to accomplish your most important business goals. (Note: If you are not working towards your most compelling goals, what are you doing every day? That is another article.)

Planning your work for the coming days is also a brainstorming strategy. It will enable you to get your best thoughts written down, prioritize your work and the way you choose to use your time. This will increase your productivity. How so? Planning your work automatically puts you in a mindset of focus. You look at each hour of your day as an opportunity to build something great. It is only with this mindset will you avoid the pitfall of allowing time wasters to control your day. Think of things that currently waste your time. By planning your day in advance, you create a road map to successful and productive working.

Reason #3 – Increased Fulfillment

Is there anything that makes you feel better than a job well done? Likely, you associate 8-12 hours of each day for work (including travel time, lunch etc.). This is how you support your family. Be sure to make that time count. It should be meaningful and precious to you. Avoid wasting time because you cannot recoup ill-spent time. You can however make your time valuable by planning your work in advance. When you accomplish your important “to-dos”, the sense of joy and satisfaction you get from being productive is definitely increased.

Start today by planning the next seven days of your business and personal life. Remember to schedule something thrilling as your first activity each day. Such planning will help you to go to bed excited. You will wake up energized and enthusiastic. This will lead to greater productivity and ultimately increased fulfillment. Can you think of a good reason for not wanting increased energy, productive and fulfillment? I didn’t think so. Now get to planning your work!