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Business Management &Marketing &Motivation Wil Hart on 25 Nov 2013

#005 VA Success Cafe: Dominate In December – Part II

Business Management &Marketing &Motivation Wil Hart on 19 Nov 2013

#004 VA Success Cafe: Dominate In December – Part I

Mindset &Motivation Wil Hart on 18 Nov 2013

Virtual Assistants Remember This Number: $989.6 Billion

opportunity_1 rsz halfYes, BILLION with a capital “B”.

What is significant about this number and how does it affect you as a Virtual Assistant? First, let me tell you where I found this number and why I was so excited about the other statistics that go along with it. I was reading Forbes.com and came across an article that was written by Jason Nazar.

The article highlighted some very helpful information. First, I want you to think about the number of clients that you need in your business. Is it 5, 7 or 10? Whatever it is, you should determine how many clients you need and the amount that you will charge them for working with you. Here is why! The article pointed out that there are over 22 million entrepreneurs that are self-employed. Of course that include you and me, and many of our friends and colleagues. How many of the more than 22 million do you need to enroll as clients?

Another really cool and exciting figure is $989,600,000,000! In the year 2011, the mass of self-employed businesses generated $989.6 billion in revenue. What was your cut of that amount? What is more important, can you see the possibilities that are available for your business? You as a Virtual Assistant have the possibility of cutting yourself a slice of a ginormous pie. How can you do it?

Upgrade Your Mindset

One of the major hurdles that we at EAtoVA help our clients to overcome is limiting beliefs that Virtual Assistants contend with. When working as support personnel in the corporate world, you were told to get this, handle that, be here, go there and here is how much you will get paid. Now, as a self-employed individual, you may forget that you have full reign to call the shots of your business. So, it becomes difficult to step into the roll of a boss because you are so used to having your schedule and your value dictated to you.

You can end that trend by developing the determination to succeed. Start by acknowledging the beliefs that are holding you back from creating the life that you desire. Think about how those beliefs are affecting the progress of your business. Set business goals for yourself. Create a plan that will help you to get there. Stay focused and follow through on your plan.

I invited you to listen to a workshop that will assist you in doing just that. To get your copy of this helpful information, CLICK this link. I look forward to seeing you tap into the wealth of opportunity that is just ahead of you!

Marketing &Motivation Wil Hart on 15 Nov 2013

How To Win During the Sluggish Season

To-Do List - Win - Dry Erase BoardAs time draws closer to the end of the 2013, I hope that you are not thinking of slowing down in your efforts to grow your business!

NOW is the time to kick your business activity into a higher gear. Rev your engine and step up your Virtual Assistance game. You may ask, ‘How do I do that?’ That is a very important question and I have an answer for you. But, before I answer your question, let me tell you why it is imperative for you to do so.

Why Kick Into A Higher Gear Now?

‘Tis the season for slowing down and getting lazy. It is possible that you as a business owner may feel that this year is finished. That is far from true. There are 46 days left in this wonderful year. You, my friend, should make the best of it. Avoid the sluggishness that occurs in November and December and use the remaining time to light a spark under your business.

Many of your competitors will not read this message and you can get the edge over them. By stepping up your game, you can use the next 6 weeks to build traction and gain momentum as you blaze a trail in January! How will this benefit your Virtual Assistance business? Think about it for a moment. A sluggish November and December leads to a sluggish January. Do you want to start the new year at full speed? Continue Reading »

Business Management &Transition &Virtual Assistant Wil Hart on 08 Nov 2013

5 Steps To Starting A Virtual Assistance Business

fire figureYou are likely reading this article because you have a vast array of skills as an administrative professional. In a previous time, you may have been an executive assistant for a large company. Or, you developed your skills supporting a wide range of professionals who needed help with their administrative tasks.

Now, you are looking for another option. The possibility of using your admin support skills to start your own business has become very appealing to you. There are probably 100 reasons why you are interested in started your own Virtual Assistance business.

To name a few, you may desire to:

1. Dictate your own schedule and income
2. Work for the best boss in the world – YOU!
3. Spend more time with family and friends
4. Take better care of an aging relative
5. Retire with grace

The list can go on for miles. The important thing to keep in mind is the motivating force for you. Why are you driven to learn more about building your own business? Your reason is important to me as well. It is so important that I want to share with you 5 keys to keep in mind when starting your VA business from scratch!

The fun part about the steps that I am going to share with you is that you can do them in any order. You have to take the lead and decide which is the next best step for your current circumstances. Heck! You can even do two steps at the same time!

Step 1: Set Up Your Infrastructure Continue Reading »

Marketing &Networking Wil Hart on 04 Nov 2013

#003 VA Success Cafe: Get New Clients From Current Clients

Business Management &Skill Development Wil Hart on 01 Nov 2013

Break Through Your Salary Glass Ceiling

Violence: shattered pieces of glass over blackAs an employee, have you ever had an absolutely fantastic year! You crushed every single deadline. Your superiors praised your valuable contributions on a weekly basis. BUT…

When the end of the year arrived, you receive a hearty pat on the back along with the adage, “atta-girl” routine. Certainly, you thought that a pay raise was deserved. Guess what, your manager and her manager felt the same way. However, the company just does not have the budget to express their great appreciation by means of monetary compensation.

Once again, you have hit your head on the salary glass ceiling!

Do you want to change this situation? Is it important for you to take control of your employment security? Do you want to break through the glass ceiling that has been bruising your head for years? Of course you do! Perhaps you have yet to learn that you can take the administrative skills and knowledge that you have and create your own source of income.

Decide To Change

If you really want to change your employment situation it is important that you decide to do so. When you decide on a matter, it means that you exclude all other options. For example, when you decide to change your current employment situation, your current state is no longer on the table as an option. Your new focus is to create a new situation whether you will be employed or self-employed.  So, make your decision to break through your compensation glass ceiling.

Learn How To Change Continue Reading »