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Achieving Goals &Mindset &Motivation Wil Hart on 17 Dec 2013

#007 VA Success Cafe: How To Be Inspired By Your Goals Daily

Business Management &Marketing Wil Hart on 11 Dec 2013

Use The Caterpillar Method Of Business Growth

Monarch life stagesThere are so many examples in the insect world that can help you with building your Virtual Assistance business. Stretch your imagination for a bit and try to think as if you were a caterpillar.

Have you ever wondered if a caterpillar looks forward to becoming a beautiful monarch butterfly? As a human, we can sit back and thoroughly appreciate this fascinating process.

Even people who find caterpillars icky or creepy, likely find immeasurable beauty in the monarch. Do you find it lovely?

Why should you consider thinking like a caterpillar?

The monarch butterfly has 4 stages of its life. What stage of your Virtual Assistance business are you in? What is your BIG PICTURE goal? I hope that you look forward to creating a business as gorgeous as the monarch (but with a longer life-span).

Phase I – Foundation Continue Reading »

Achieving Goals &Motivation &Organization &Uncategorized Wil Hart on 09 Dec 2013

#006 VA Success Cafe: Important Steps To Setting The Right Goals

Achieving Goals &Mindset &Motivation Wil Hart on 03 Dec 2013

Discover Your Fears And 3 Ways To Overcome Them

No Fear ConceptOne of the best definitions I have ever heard for the word FEAR is False Expectations Appearing Real.

It goes without saying that starting and running your own business can appear to be a scary undertaking. For some it is horrifying. For many others, it is a thrilling prospect of creativity and opportunity.

Fear can sap your energy and hold you back from making progress in your business. How though, can you discover whether or not fear has a grip on you?

Start by analyzing your habits. When you have an important task to complete, do you have the habit of diving into the work and completing it as soon as possible? Or, do you put the task off for later because you want to make sure that everything you need is in the right order and perfect.

If you tend to put things off by allowing ‘busy work’ and distractions to overwhelm you, it may be that you have the fear of completing tasks. Just thinking about the work that it will take to get a new client, write a few blog posts, or attend a networking event seems exhausting and complicated. This is a prime case of “readyaimwait“! Continue Reading »