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Achieving Goals &Mindset &Motivation Wil Hart on 17 Dec 2013

#007 VA Success Cafe: How To Be Inspired By Your Goals Daily

Achieving Goals &Motivation &Organization &Uncategorized Wil Hart on 09 Dec 2013

#006 VA Success Cafe: Important Steps To Setting The Right Goals

Achieving Goals &Mindset &Motivation Wil Hart on 03 Dec 2013

Discover Your Fears And 3 Ways To Overcome Them

No Fear ConceptOne of the best definitions I have ever heard for the word FEAR is False Expectations Appearing Real.

It goes without saying that starting and running your own business can appear to be a scary undertaking. For some it is horrifying. For many others, it is a thrilling prospect of creativity and opportunity.

Fear can sap your energy and hold you back from making progress in your business. How though, can you discover whether or not fear has a grip on you?

Start by analyzing your habits. When you have an important task to complete, do you have the habit of diving into the work and completing it as soon as possible? Or, do you put the task off for later because you want to make sure that everything you need is in the right order and perfect.

If you tend to put things off by allowing ‘busy work’ and distractions to overwhelm you, it may be that you have the fear of completing tasks. Just thinking about the work that it will take to get a new client, write a few blog posts, or attend a networking event seems exhausting and complicated. This is a prime case of “readyaimwait“! Continue Reading »

Achieving Goals &Business Management &Motivation Wil Hart on 25 Oct 2013

4 Reasons You Are Hiding From Your Goals

waves of the sea on the beach that erase the year 2013You have 70 days left before the start of 2014!

Are you thinking the same thing that many other Virtual Assistants are thinking; ‘Where did the time go?’ The year 2013 is almost gone, a wrap, over, FINITO! How do you feel about your goals for this year? Are you beaming with excitement because you have accomplished a large portion of them? Or, are you avoiding the area where you have posted those goals. You know the feeling of being afraid to review your goals because you think that they will fully understand how you have ignored them for so long.

That is understandable. We all have been there before! So, instead of being scared of those goals, we will discuss 4 reasons why you are hiding from them. Let’s put it out there. Recognize and acknowledge the reasons so that you can overcome them in the future

Reason #1 Procrastination

For some presumably good reason, you decided to delay getting started on a particular objective. Maybe in your mind it was a bit too overwhelming to tackle. Or, you thought that the goal was so easy to reach, that you could start on it at any time and finish it at your leisure. However, there are fewer than 70 days left in the year and you haven’t even started working toward the goal.

Reason #2 They Got Lost and Forgotten Continue Reading »

Achieving Goals Wil Hart on 07 Jun 2013

4 Steps To Create Your Future

The success or failure of your business is not left up to chance. It is not a huge mystery as to whether you will accomplish your goals or not. This leads to an important question that you need to personally address: ‘What type of person are you?’

At the time you are reading this article, you are one of two types. You are either a dreamer or a doer. A dreamer is a person who says, “I would like to have my own VA business.” The doer, on the other hand says, “I am going to succeed as a Virtual Assistant!” The doer sees the future of their business and then makes it come to reality. She follows 4 important steps and so can you.

Action Step 1: See Your Future Clearly

Define your version of success. When you think about having a successful Virtual Assistance business, what does that look like? This is where you have the freedom to be creative and to get excited about your business. Does success mean having a specific income, a certain number of clients, freedom to choose how you use your time? Does success mean creating a business so that you can care for an aging parent or an ill family member? It is vital that you have a clear picture in mind. Your future has to be so vivid that you can spell out each detail.

Action Step 2: Spell Out The Details Of Your Future

Here are a few examples of details that may be important to your business future:

  • My business will support X number of clients.
  • My business will generate X amount of income.
  • My business will allow me to work X number hours per week.
  • My business will … (finish your own list of details)

What details are important to YOU personally? How will you build your business?

Action Step 3: Plan How You Will Create Your Future

The treasure that you seek is good for motivation. It starts your engine and builds excitement. You can see the future of your business and it is compelling enough to pull you forward. Now, a plan is needed. The road map to your success has to be created so that you can know exactly what actions you need to take and when.

At this point, you will manifest whether you are a dreamer or a doer! Actions speak louder than words. If you need help with planning how you will create your future that is fine. Be okay with that. There are many resources available to you, both free and paid. How badly do you want to create your own future? The steps you take will tell what type of person you are. Take a look at just a few examples of how you can create your road map:

  • Decide what skills your clients will pay you to use.
  • Set up and legalize your business.
  • Put systems in place so that you can accept payments and support your clients well.
  • Enroll your next client by telling people about how your business solves problems.
  • Determine what technology you need.
  • Choose a target market and learn how to highlight your solutions to their problems.
  • Learn how to talk about what you do in a way that compels others to want to know more.
  • Build a system around prospecting and closing new business.

(This list is not exhaustive. You need to view your current situation and build from there.)

Action Step 4: Work Your Plan

You have defined the future of your business. You have mapped the steps. Now, you have to go to work! At this juncture, fear normally creeps in. Fear is paralyzing and might scare you into inactivity. But remember, you have to decide what type of person you are. A dreamer will complete the first three action steps we have discussed. The doer, however, will work her plan despite her fears!

The future of your business and your life are sure to come. Will you determine the future or let it come upon you haphazardly and misdirected? The choice truly is yours. Would you be happier and more fulfilled if you decide what that future will be and then make it a reality? If you need help with mapping out the steps to creating your Virtual Assistance business, contact us at Support@EAtoVA.com. We are delighted to answer any questions that come to your mind.

Achieving Goals &Mindset &Virtual Assistant Wil Hart on 07 Jan 2013

3 Reasons To Ask Yourself “Why?”

Let’s be honest! If you look back at the previous 12 months of your life, do you find things that are noteworthy or humdrum?

Noteworthy – (adjective) Significant or unusual.

Examples of things that are noteworthy:

  • Accomplishing meaningful goals.
  • Building or repairing important relationships.
  • Breaking through a paralyzing limiting belief.

Humdrum – (adjective) Lacking excitement or variety; dull; monotonous.

Examples of things that are humdrum:

  • Allowing hours, days and months to pass you by without making quality contributions to your life or that of others.
  • Embracing a life that is stuck in a rut.
  • Empowering others to dictate how your life will turn out.

Do you recall the day when you planted the idea in your mind to start your own Virtual Assistance business? Has that seed sprouted and begun to flourish? Did the idea motivate you to take some action in order to create a vision for yourself, set some goals and act on those goals?

If your seed of a thought has not yet sprouted, I can tell you exactly the reason it lays dormant in your mind. Your ‘WHY’ is not BIG enough! I cannot stress the importance of having a tremendous motivating factor. I know the feeling of setting a goal and shortly forgetting about it because it wasn’t strong enough to move me to action. Have you ever felt that way?

Here are 3 reasons you need to have a compelling ‘WHY’ in order to become a successful Virtual Assistant. This will force that implanted mental seed to germinate. Knowing your BIG WHY will do the following:

  1. Force you to be relentless. Have you ever been in a financial bind? It is amazing the resources that become available to you when you need money fast. (Just to be clear, I do imply legal resources.) During that time, when your mortgage is due, you won’t stop searching until you have a solution to the problem. The same is true when you are seeking to build your own business. You will find the resources and the mentors who can help you to be successful in business. You will not allow anything to stop you from doing so.
  2. Compel you to complete projects. A successful business is the result of completing a series of projects. When you have a vision of the type of business that you want to create, you will then need to map out the action steps that will enable you to accomplish your goals. Completing those action steps fulfills your goals.
  3. Empower you to create a life-enhancing business. We all have to work in order to provide for our families. If that isn’t a BIG WHY for showing up at a place of employment (that you may detest), I don’t know what is. I have spent the majority of my career as an employee. If you were to ask me why I worked for the companies that I’ve worked for, I would’ve stated, “I have to eat and pay bills!” That was my BIG WHY. If you’d like to know why I am now self-employed, send me an email and I will gladly share with you my new BIG WHY.

If you look back at 2012, do you find that experienced a year that was noteworthy or humdrum? If you were aiming for noteworthy and accomplished it, then CONGRATS! If you have just realizes you were living a humdrum year and want to make a change, I invite you to start where you stand and strive for something more. If you are now an employed administrative professional, think of ways that you can make your 2013 year-end review remarkable! Make a list of trainings that you can take. Look for daily tasks that you can complete quicker so as to improve your productivity.

If you are already working full-time as a Virtual Assistant, focus on how you can make 2013 a noteworthy year. Define what success means for you. It may be enrolling a certain number of clients or earning a specific income. Whatever the case, clarify your vision for success so that you can invest outstanding contributions to the fulfillment of your goals. Start taking the appropriate action today. Would you like a copy of the formula that I use to help me stay focused on my vision and take the right action to completing my vision? Email me (Wil@EAtoVA.com)!

Achieving Goals Wil Hart on 31 Dec 2012

Did You Accomplish Your 2012 Goals?

As the clock ticks down, reflect on how much you appreciated (or not) the year 2012. What percentage of your goals did you accomplish? Your Virtual Assistants business thrives on accomplishing goals and completing projects.

Looking forward, what will you do differently? January is the beginning of a new year and it starts in just a few hours. What are some of the business projects you look forward to accomplishing in 2013?

Achieving Goals &Time Management &Virtual Assistant Wil Hart on 20 Nov 2012

Take Your Next Step Now

At this time today, as you read this blog post, you have a set of actions that you need to take at some point. Your action steps are related to building your Virtual Assistance business, improving your skill, increasing your knowledge or a host of other activities.

My question to you is, “What is holding you back?”

In order for you to make progress you have to take the next action step. So, look at your list of things that you need to accomplish this week. Take out a pen and write down the very next progressive step in each important activity.

There is a caveat to this simple instruction of taking the next progressive step. Try hard, I mean really hard to not live in the past. If you have a long list of to-do’s that you know should have already been completed, don’t stress about it. They are not done, but you still need to get them finished. Start where you stand! Take the next progressive step.

After you have taking the next step, be clear on the subsequent actions that need to be taken so that you can continue to make progress towards accomplishing your goals. Develop the ‘what-is-my-next-step’ attitude. Clarify the next action step and then get involved and complete it. What is your next progressive action step for your most important activities? Share them with us below.

Achieving Goals &Business Management &Marketing &Networking &Organization &Virtual Assistant Wil Hart on 05 Nov 2012

FREE VA Success Strategy Calls

I have something very special and exciting for YOU! One of my favorite past times is to sit in a nice coffee shop, enjoy a nice brew and have good conversation with good friends. So, we have decided to do more of that in a virtual sort-of-way.

Over the past 7 years, Sydni and I have been working with entrepreneurs to help them build lucrative businesses. In the process we have started 4 different companies. One of them being EAtoVA.

You might be asking, “Wil, I thought you said that you had something for me?” And you are correct.

We are taking ALL of the knowledge that we’ve used to build our businesses and share it with you EVERY week. That’s exciting for a few specific reasons:

  1. We will get to know you by talking on the phone regularly.
  2. For 10 minutes I will share with you business-building strategies.
  3. For 20 minutes you will be able to ask questions and we can brainstorm business solutions for you.
  4. NO selling, NO pitches, NO tricks. We are having a friendly conversation and getting to learn more about one another.
  5. These calls will be FREE, forever! Isn’t that cool? I really look forward to getting on the phone with you.

CLICK HERE to accept the invitation

Every Tuesday, we’ll discuss a specific topic. Check out the line up for November:

  • Nov 06: How to develop a success mindset.
  • Nov 13: Skill sets prospective clients are looking for.
  • Nov 20: What technologies are successful VAs using?
  • Nov 27: Fixing holes in your business foundation.

These are just 4 of the MANY topics that you and I will be discussing. Don’t worry, if you cannot join us live, I will post the recordings here on the blog! We are going to have an awesome time each week!

CLICK HERE to accept the invitation

Achieving Goals &Business Management &Marketing &Mindset &Organization &Skill Development &Transition Sydni Craig-Hart on 22 May 2012

5 Keys To Becoming A Successful Virtual Assistant

In 2009, there were 27.5 million businesses in the United States, according to Office of Advocacy estimates (per a report published in January 2011). What does that mean for you?

A) That number has only increased since 2009.
B) EVERY single one of those businesses needs some type of administrative support to function and be profitable.
C) There is more opportunity for you to be successful than ever before.

Since you have expressed an interest in becoming a Successful Virtual Assistant, I want to share with you all the tips, short cuts and resources that were not available to me when I first got started. I had to figure out on my own most of the things that I learned. I hope that you will utilize the tools that I give you so as to make your journey a LOT less stressful than mine turned out.

Fortunately, I kept track of every step I took, every mistake I made and everything that worked along the way. I didn’t have a real reason for doing so at the time, but I’m SO glad I did because now I can share them with you. When I look back I see that there are 5 critical keys you need to start and build a successful Virtual Assistance company:

1. Mindset: You may not realize it now, but to be successful as an entrepreneur, you have to THINK like an entrepreneur. As employees, we are conditioned to do what others tell us. Someone else typically decides our schedule, how much we get paid, who we work with and what projects we work on. When you become self-employed, YOU call all the shots. This is probably one of the things that is most attractive to you about the opportunity to be a Virtual Assistant. However, you must understand that you will have to go through some growing pains to make-over your mindset. You cannot operate your business they way you function as an employee. It simply won’t work. If you avoid working through this transition it could be the ONE thing that can make or break your business.

2. Infrastructure: What makes up the infrastructure of your company?  Here are a few things to consider: 1) Insurances – health, life, disability, dental etc. 2) Technology – computers, phones, an online presence etc.  3) Operations – you must have operational systems in place such as accounting, tax filing, setting up new customers, processes for working with customers, etc. 4) Structure – will you set up an LLC or a Sole Proprietorship?  5) Finances – it takes money to make money. Considering these important matters and making well-informed decisions about which situations will work best for you, will enable you to start and manage a successful company.

3. Marketing: Marketing your services and getting clients boils down to one thing, ‘Offering solutions to people who are already looking for them.’ You don’t have to “hawk your wares”, you don’t have to convince people to hire you and you don’t have to take any opportunity that comes along. Marketing at it’s best is simple, focused and consistent. Those who do not market their company tend to find themselves out of business very soon. The best thing that you can do for your business is to know how to generate leads and enroll new clients. You do not want to wait to figure this out. You can develop a marketing plan even before you have made your first dollar, taking advantage of the resources, relationships and opportunities already within your reach.

4. Transition: Having a PLAN around your transition from Executive Assistant to Virtual Assistant will help you to make the leap from employee to entrepreneur smoothly. Please do not quit your job and then ‘hope for the best’. That is NOT a plan that leads to success. You want to make sure that you have not only your infrastructure in tact, but also a step by step plan that has dates attached to keep you focused. This plan gives you time and space to make the transition. In your mind you may think you can “wave a wand” and make the changes you need to make overnight. But that is an unrealistic view. Mapping out a realistic plan will help you to make steady progress, avoid unnecessary stress and minimize wasted time and wasted money.

5. Building Your Business: When you work for someone else, that company does all of the heavy lifting for you as an employee. The company is responsible for building the business so that you will have a place to work each day. Now, YOU are responsible for whether you win or lose. Success or failure is 100% in YOUR hands! You, therefore, have to perform all of the needed tasks to REMAIN in business. This includes constantly upgrading your skill set, setting up systems, marketing consistently and more.

If you would like help with each of these 5 Keys, I invite you to join me for a FREE training call on Thursday, May 31st, entitled “How to Use the Skills You Already Have to Add An Additional $500 – $5,000 to Your Monthly Income…Working From Home”. Click HERE to get the dial-in details!

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