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Marketing &Mindset &Motivation &Virtual Assistant Wil Hart on 17 Apr 2015

Where in the HECK have you been?

We know that you’ve been wondering…

Sydni and I have been getting this question a LOT lately. “Where in the HECK have you been?

But, you will be ecstatic when you hear why we have been hibernating for so long. Plus, you are going to benefit a great deal!

So, this note is much less about us and MORE about you and your future.

CLAIM YOUR Seat For Our Online Master Class

This is the training that will teach you exactly what you need to know



For the past year and some months, a whole LOT of coolness has been happening in the world of Smart Simple Marketing (SSM) and Executive Assistant to Virtual Assistant (EAtoVA)

There has been a host of projects that we’ve worked on that has enabled us to hone our skills so that you can get better at developing yours

We have had top notch clients hire us; big name organizations such as:

  • Verizon
  • Oracle
  • Google

Yep, you read that correctly… GOOGLE! And these are just a few of the amazing companies that we have partnered with. Very shortly, you will see how this is going to help YOU to develop your own successful business.

It doesn’t matter if you want to be a Virtual Assistant, an Online Business Manager or a consultant. We are so much better at drilling down what our audience needs and empowering you with the knowledge, skills and resources that will help you to surpass your wildest dreams.

Remember those big organizations that I told you about a minute ago? Well, it gets even better for you… We are now partners with a company that you may have heard of before. it just so happens that it is the nations largest email marketing firm… Constant Contact!

Let me tell you part of the story as to why we’ve been so short on time (and thus away from you for so long).

We have developed a partnership with Constant Contact that keeps both Sydni and I tremendously busy. First, let me share one of the great benefits of this alliance.

CLAIM YOUR Seat For Our Online Master Class

This is the training that will teach you exactly what you need to know


Before joining forces with this amazing company, we spent 100% of our business in a virtual environment. That’s right, we conducted the majority of our business online.

Now, we speak in front of hundreds of people each quarter and the results have been astounding! In fewer than 15 months we have been able to build a database of over 1,500 prospects. Many of them have become clients of ours.

How is this helpful to you? Well, we are living proof that public speaking is a great way to grow your business. When you speak in front of a live audience (or a virtual one), you gain instant credibility and expert status. (Be sure to make a note of this marketing strategy. This piece of advice is a freebie 🙂

Because of our relationship with Constant Contact, we have earned a few certifications as well. These certifications prove that we have gone through a stringent vetting process and Constant Contact now gladly funnels fresh leads to our company. (See why we’ve been away for so long?)

Here is where this gets really good for you. Now that we are Master Certified Trainers and consultants that are vetted by Constant Contact, that means we have so much more valuable content and resources to share with you!

Very shortly, we will be inviting you to online trainings, live seminars (if you live near San Francisco) and other courses and resources that will help you to master email marketing. Whether you use email marketing for yourself or for your clients, we have exactly what you need to take your marketing skills to an expert level.

Trust me, you will want to join some of these events…

CLAIM YOUR Seat For Our Online Master Class

This is the training that will teach you exactly what you need to know



Here at EAtoVA, we have always been big on working with mentors in order to grow our business. So, we have started working with new mentors who have opened our minds to new and exciting possibilities in business.

One of the reasons we created EAtoVA was to make and easier path for individuals who wanted to start and grow their very own Virtual Assistants business. If we can show you some short cuts and speed up your learning curve, that is exactly what we want to do for you!

So what are some of the things that we have acquired from our mentors? We now have the skills to:

  • Identify customer problems more easily
  • Solve customer problems more quickly
  • Educate our audience more thoroughly
  • Create and implement marketing strategies
  • Build marketing funnels

… and the list goes on

Now, we will share with you the vast marketing knowledge that we have acquired. You will learn exactly what we know. Most importantly, you will build the business that you have always wanted.

Stick closely because this is great news for you as a business owner. We have so many wonderful goodies to share with you in the days to come!

CLAIM YOUR Seat For Our Online Master Class

This is the training that will teach you exactly what you need to know


Business Management &Marketing Wil Hart on 11 Dec 2013

Use The Caterpillar Method Of Business Growth

Monarch life stagesThere are so many examples in the insect world that can help you with building your Virtual Assistance business. Stretch your imagination for a bit and try to think as if you were a caterpillar.

Have you ever wondered if a caterpillar looks forward to becoming a beautiful monarch butterfly? As a human, we can sit back and thoroughly appreciate this fascinating process.

Even people who find caterpillars icky or creepy, likely find immeasurable beauty in the monarch. Do you find it lovely?

Why should you consider thinking like a caterpillar?

The monarch butterfly has 4 stages of its life. What stage of your Virtual Assistance business are you in? What is your BIG PICTURE goal? I hope that you look forward to creating a business as gorgeous as the monarch (but with a longer life-span).

Phase I – Foundation Continue Reading »

Business Management &Marketing &Motivation Wil Hart on 25 Nov 2013

#005 VA Success Cafe: Dominate In December – Part II

Business Management &Marketing &Motivation Wil Hart on 19 Nov 2013

#004 VA Success Cafe: Dominate In December – Part I

Marketing &Motivation Wil Hart on 15 Nov 2013

How To Win During the Sluggish Season

To-Do List - Win - Dry Erase BoardAs time draws closer to the end of the 2013, I hope that you are not thinking of slowing down in your efforts to grow your business!

NOW is the time to kick your business activity into a higher gear. Rev your engine and step up your Virtual Assistance game. You may ask, ‘How do I do that?’ That is a very important question and I have an answer for you. But, before I answer your question, let me tell you why it is imperative for you to do so.

Why Kick Into A Higher Gear Now?

‘Tis the season for slowing down and getting lazy. It is possible that you as a business owner may feel that this year is finished. That is far from true. There are 46 days left in this wonderful year. You, my friend, should make the best of it. Avoid the sluggishness that occurs in November and December and use the remaining time to light a spark under your business.

Many of your competitors will not read this message and you can get the edge over them. By stepping up your game, you can use the next 6 weeks to build traction and gain momentum as you blaze a trail in January! How will this benefit your Virtual Assistance business? Think about it for a moment. A sluggish November and December leads to a sluggish January. Do you want to start the new year at full speed? Continue Reading »

Marketing &Networking Wil Hart on 04 Nov 2013

#003 VA Success Cafe: Get New Clients From Current Clients

Marketing &Target Market &Virtual Assistant &Webinars Wil Hart on 23 Oct 2013

#002 VA Success Cafe: Starting New Client Relationships The Right Way

Business Management &Marketing &Target Market Wil Hart on 16 Oct 2013

#001 VA Success Cafe: Successfully Close New Business

Marketing &Networking &Skill Development &Target Market Wil Hart on 15 Oct 2013

5 Pieces To Effective Business Conversations

five men with jigsaw puzzlesHave you ever had that feeling? You know what I mean.

It’s that feeling that you get when your mind is racing, your palms start to sweat and your thoughts decide that they do not want to make the faintest connection to your vocal cords. And then, you become…


Has that ever happened to you met a potential business associate. You exchange greetings, you learn each others’ name, and then the conversation goes deeper with the one question that makes you cringe… “So, what do you do?”

For many Virtual Assistants this is the most dreaded question because they do not know how to clearly convey the problems of their target market (if they have one), or how they solve those problems effectively.

What Are the 5 Pieces?

There are 5 critical pieces to masterfully articulating your value as a business owner and making strong connections. When you are face to face with a conversation partner keep the following conversation pieces in mind.

1 ~ Choose A Target Market

Having a target market gives great subject matter on which to have business conversations. If you tend to be on the shy side, focusing your attention on a separate group of people will give you the confidence needed to add more fuel to your conversation fire. If your target market is business coaches, you can talk about how that stresses that they experience with owning and operating their coaching practice. Then move to piece #2. Continue Reading »

Marketing &Mindset &Target Market &Virtual Assistant Wil Hart on 08 May 2013

It’s ALL about YOU (… or is it?)

customer 2You can become a very successful Virtual Assistant if you focus on the right things at the right time. For example, if you are interested in becoming a virtual assistant but have not yet started your business, that is the perfect time to focus on YOU. Here are some things that you want to consider.

You Focus

Do you have: Continue Reading »

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