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Marketing &Mindset &Motivation &Virtual Assistant Wil Hart on 17 Apr 2015

Where in the HECK have you been?

We know that you’ve been wondering…

Sydni and I have been getting this question a LOT lately. “Where in the HECK have you been?

But, you will be ecstatic when you hear why we have been hibernating for so long. Plus, you are going to benefit a great deal!

So, this note is much less about us and MORE about you and your future.

CLAIM YOUR Seat For Our Online Master Class

This is the training that will teach you exactly what you need to know



For the past year and some months, a whole LOT of coolness has been happening in the world of Smart Simple Marketing (SSM) and Executive Assistant to Virtual Assistant (EAtoVA)

There has been a host of projects that we’ve worked on that has enabled us to hone our skills so that you can get better at developing yours

We have had top notch clients hire us; big name organizations such as:

  • Verizon
  • Oracle
  • Google

Yep, you read that correctly… GOOGLE! And these are just a few of the amazing companies that we have partnered with. Very shortly, you will see how this is going to help YOU to develop your own successful business.

It doesn’t matter if you want to be a Virtual Assistant, an Online Business Manager or a consultant. We are so much better at drilling down what our audience needs and empowering you with the knowledge, skills and resources that will help you to surpass your wildest dreams.

Remember those big organizations that I told you about a minute ago? Well, it gets even better for you… We are now partners with a company that you may have heard of before. it just so happens that it is the nations largest email marketing firm… Constant Contact!

Let me tell you part of the story as to why we’ve been so short on time (and thus away from you for so long).

We have developed a partnership with Constant Contact that keeps both Sydni and I tremendously busy. First, let me share one of the great benefits of this alliance.

CLAIM YOUR Seat For Our Online Master Class

This is the training that will teach you exactly what you need to know


Before joining forces with this amazing company, we spent 100% of our business in a virtual environment. That’s right, we conducted the majority of our business online.

Now, we speak in front of hundreds of people each quarter and the results have been astounding! In fewer than 15 months we have been able to build a database of over 1,500 prospects. Many of them have become clients of ours.

How is this helpful to you? Well, we are living proof that public speaking is a great way to grow your business. When you speak in front of a live audience (or a virtual one), you gain instant credibility and expert status. (Be sure to make a note of this marketing strategy. This piece of advice is a freebie 🙂

Because of our relationship with Constant Contact, we have earned a few certifications as well. These certifications prove that we have gone through a stringent vetting process and Constant Contact now gladly funnels fresh leads to our company. (See why we’ve been away for so long?)

Here is where this gets really good for you. Now that we are Master Certified Trainers and consultants that are vetted by Constant Contact, that means we have so much more valuable content and resources to share with you!

Very shortly, we will be inviting you to online trainings, live seminars (if you live near San Francisco) and other courses and resources that will help you to master email marketing. Whether you use email marketing for yourself or for your clients, we have exactly what you need to take your marketing skills to an expert level.

Trust me, you will want to join some of these events…

CLAIM YOUR Seat For Our Online Master Class

This is the training that will teach you exactly what you need to know



Here at EAtoVA, we have always been big on working with mentors in order to grow our business. So, we have started working with new mentors who have opened our minds to new and exciting possibilities in business.

One of the reasons we created EAtoVA was to make and easier path for individuals who wanted to start and grow their very own Virtual Assistants business. If we can show you some short cuts and speed up your learning curve, that is exactly what we want to do for you!

So what are some of the things that we have acquired from our mentors? We now have the skills to:

  • Identify customer problems more easily
  • Solve customer problems more quickly
  • Educate our audience more thoroughly
  • Create and implement marketing strategies
  • Build marketing funnels

… and the list goes on

Now, we will share with you the vast marketing knowledge that we have acquired. You will learn exactly what we know. Most importantly, you will build the business that you have always wanted.

Stick closely because this is great news for you as a business owner. We have so many wonderful goodies to share with you in the days to come!

CLAIM YOUR Seat For Our Online Master Class

This is the training that will teach you exactly what you need to know


Achieving Goals &Mindset &Motivation Wil Hart on 17 Dec 2013

#007 VA Success Cafe: How To Be Inspired By Your Goals Daily

Achieving Goals &Motivation &Organization &Uncategorized Wil Hart on 09 Dec 2013

#006 VA Success Cafe: Important Steps To Setting The Right Goals

Achieving Goals &Mindset &Motivation Wil Hart on 03 Dec 2013

Discover Your Fears And 3 Ways To Overcome Them

No Fear ConceptOne of the best definitions I have ever heard for the word FEAR is False Expectations Appearing Real.

It goes without saying that starting and running your own business can appear to be a scary undertaking. For some it is horrifying. For many others, it is a thrilling prospect of creativity and opportunity.

Fear can sap your energy and hold you back from making progress in your business. How though, can you discover whether or not fear has a grip on you?

Start by analyzing your habits. When you have an important task to complete, do you have the habit of diving into the work and completing it as soon as possible? Or, do you put the task off for later because you want to make sure that everything you need is in the right order and perfect.

If you tend to put things off by allowing ‘busy work’ and distractions to overwhelm you, it may be that you have the fear of completing tasks. Just thinking about the work that it will take to get a new client, write a few blog posts, or attend a networking event seems exhausting and complicated. This is a prime case of “readyaimwait“! Continue Reading »

Business Management &Marketing &Motivation Wil Hart on 25 Nov 2013

#005 VA Success Cafe: Dominate In December – Part II

Business Management &Marketing &Motivation Wil Hart on 19 Nov 2013

#004 VA Success Cafe: Dominate In December – Part I

Mindset &Motivation Wil Hart on 18 Nov 2013

Virtual Assistants Remember This Number: $989.6 Billion

opportunity_1 rsz halfYes, BILLION with a capital “B”.

What is significant about this number and how does it affect you as a Virtual Assistant? First, let me tell you where I found this number and why I was so excited about the other statistics that go along with it. I was reading Forbes.com and came across an article that was written by Jason Nazar.

The article highlighted some very helpful information. First, I want you to think about the number of clients that you need in your business. Is it 5, 7 or 10? Whatever it is, you should determine how many clients you need and the amount that you will charge them for working with you. Here is why! The article pointed out that there are over 22 million entrepreneurs that are self-employed. Of course that include you and me, and many of our friends and colleagues. How many of the more than 22 million do you need to enroll as clients?

Another really cool and exciting figure is $989,600,000,000! In the year 2011, the mass of self-employed businesses generated $989.6 billion in revenue. What was your cut of that amount? What is more important, can you see the possibilities that are available for your business? You as a Virtual Assistant have the possibility of cutting yourself a slice of a ginormous pie. How can you do it?

Upgrade Your Mindset

One of the major hurdles that we at EAtoVA help our clients to overcome is limiting beliefs that Virtual Assistants contend with. When working as support personnel in the corporate world, you were told to get this, handle that, be here, go there and here is how much you will get paid. Now, as a self-employed individual, you may forget that you have full reign to call the shots of your business. So, it becomes difficult to step into the roll of a boss because you are so used to having your schedule and your value dictated to you.

You can end that trend by developing the determination to succeed. Start by acknowledging the beliefs that are holding you back from creating the life that you desire. Think about how those beliefs are affecting the progress of your business. Set business goals for yourself. Create a plan that will help you to get there. Stay focused and follow through on your plan.

I invited you to listen to a workshop that will assist you in doing just that. To get your copy of this helpful information, CLICK this link. I look forward to seeing you tap into the wealth of opportunity that is just ahead of you!

Marketing &Motivation Wil Hart on 15 Nov 2013

How To Win During the Sluggish Season

To-Do List - Win - Dry Erase BoardAs time draws closer to the end of the 2013, I hope that you are not thinking of slowing down in your efforts to grow your business!

NOW is the time to kick your business activity into a higher gear. Rev your engine and step up your Virtual Assistance game. You may ask, ‘How do I do that?’ That is a very important question and I have an answer for you. But, before I answer your question, let me tell you why it is imperative for you to do so.

Why Kick Into A Higher Gear Now?

‘Tis the season for slowing down and getting lazy. It is possible that you as a business owner may feel that this year is finished. That is far from true. There are 46 days left in this wonderful year. You, my friend, should make the best of it. Avoid the sluggishness that occurs in November and December and use the remaining time to light a spark under your business.

Many of your competitors will not read this message and you can get the edge over them. By stepping up your game, you can use the next 6 weeks to build traction and gain momentum as you blaze a trail in January! How will this benefit your Virtual Assistance business? Think about it for a moment. A sluggish November and December leads to a sluggish January. Do you want to start the new year at full speed? Continue Reading »

Achieving Goals &Business Management &Motivation Wil Hart on 25 Oct 2013

4 Reasons You Are Hiding From Your Goals

waves of the sea on the beach that erase the year 2013You have 70 days left before the start of 2014!

Are you thinking the same thing that many other Virtual Assistants are thinking; ‘Where did the time go?’ The year 2013 is almost gone, a wrap, over, FINITO! How do you feel about your goals for this year? Are you beaming with excitement because you have accomplished a large portion of them? Or, are you avoiding the area where you have posted those goals. You know the feeling of being afraid to review your goals because you think that they will fully understand how you have ignored them for so long.

That is understandable. We all have been there before! So, instead of being scared of those goals, we will discuss 4 reasons why you are hiding from them. Let’s put it out there. Recognize and acknowledge the reasons so that you can overcome them in the future

Reason #1 Procrastination

For some presumably good reason, you decided to delay getting started on a particular objective. Maybe in your mind it was a bit too overwhelming to tackle. Or, you thought that the goal was so easy to reach, that you could start on it at any time and finish it at your leisure. However, there are fewer than 70 days left in the year and you haven’t even started working toward the goal.

Reason #2 They Got Lost and Forgotten Continue Reading »

Mindset &Motivation Wil Hart on 16 Sep 2013

Motive Check… Why Are You Doing This?

motivation7 draft2What is in it for you? Would you like to see what is truly in your heard and why you are doing (or not doing) what it takes to reach your business goals?

Answer a few questions for yourself. How did you come across this article? Do you already have a Virtual Assistance business or are you seeking more information on how to create your own business? Why are you interested in the Virtual Assistance industry?

It is good to ask yourself these questions because you will want to get to the bottom of your motivation for gathering information. It is quite possible that you are (or were) an administrative support professional who is tired of the daily commute, office politics and the glass ceiling of compensation that you continue to bang your head against.

It is also possible that you have the desire to create your own income because your personal and family goals are the driving force that will get you started AND KEEP you in business for years to come. Do you have a desire to dictate your own schedule? If so, what is the motive behind that? Is it because you have an aging relative who needs constant assistance? Or, is it important for you to take your children to and from school without worrying about the heavy traffic jams that plague your commute to work?

Whatever your motive is, clarify it and hold it close to your heart. Your motive is what will get you started, keep you going and drive the success that you seek. I have an example that highlights the importance of motive. Have you ever known a person that kept a job that they hated? Every single day for years, they go into the same place of employment although they hate it. Perhaps you have even asked them, “Why do you stay in that job?” Their answer (which explains their motive), “I need the money”, or “I feel secure.”

Motive a powerful force that will keep you in a bad situation or yank you out of it and get you on the road to fulfilling your true goals in life. So, I ask you again, “What is your motive? Why are you seeking to learn more about starting your own business? Why have you already started your business? What keeps you excited about staying in business?

What is YOUR motive?