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Podcast &Technology Wil Hart on 10 Apr 2013

The VA Success Cafe: Episode 14

In your Virtual Assistance business you will need basic tools to re-create the environment you once had when you were employed. What are some of the tools that you need? A good place to start is to take stock of technology that you already own before begin making purchases.

Podcast &Technology Wil Hart on 03 Apr 2013

The VA Success Cafe: Episode 13

In this audio you  will learn the importance of increasing your knowledge of technology. Doing so will increase your efficiency, reduce your effort and save you money. At the same time, you will learn why it is necessary to consider the taking in the right type of knowledge so that you will improve work and personal life.

Marketing &Podcast &Virtual Assistant Wil Hart on 16 Jan 2013

The VA Success Cafe: Episode 9

You can only do so much marketing by speaking to prospective clients face to face. The marketing materials that you use however, can speak for you and your Virtual Assistance business 24 hours a day. It is imperative that your marketing message, both spoken and written be clearly understood by those who hear or see it. If you have a website, business cards, flyers or any other marketing collateral, what should be included in your message? Find out by clicking the play button on this audio.

Marketing &Podcast &Virtual Assistant Wil Hart on 19 Dec 2012

The VA Success Cafe: Episode 7

Standing apart from your competition can be accomplished in a few simple ways. After all, marketing is merely presenting your solutions to people who are already looking for them. In this audio, we discuss a few ways to make sure that your Virtual Assistance business can stick firmly in the minds of people that you meet. A few tweaks to your business card and website can do the trick. You also want to clearly articulate who you are and what you do. You have to listen up to see how to can improve your “scent-hound” skills.

Business Management &Podcast &Target Market &Virtual Assistant Wil Hart on 12 Dec 2012

The VA Success Cafe: Episode 6

Ideal Clients are like awesome friends. They invigorate you and inspire you to do your VERY BEST work. They give you great energy and help you to go the extra mile because they are such fantastic people. The work relationship that you create soon becomes a friendship because Ideal Clients are easy to become attached to. They possess the personality traits and qualities that you enjoy being around. Look at your closest friends and past work associates. Who in those groups would you say possess ideal qualities? As a Virtual Assistant, you surely want to fill your practice with people who have those traits. It will enable you to build a business that you thoroughly enjoy.

Podcast &Target Market &Virtual Assistant Wil Hart on 05 Dec 2012

The VA Success Cafe: Episode 5

The easiest way to attract new prospects to your business is to focus on a target market. What is a target market? Why is it very important to choose just one? How will doing this make your life easier and getting new business more fun? Find the answers in this audio.

Business Management &Podcast &Virtual Assistant Wil Hart on 28 Nov 2012

The VA Success Cafe: Episode 4

Your Virtual Assistance business can be compared to building of a house. That is why your business foundation needs to be solid and sturdy. In this audio, you will learn about a few holes that may be in your foundation and how to fix those holes. Let me know if you have any questions and post them below.

Podcast &Resources &Technology &Virtual Assistant Wil Hart on 21 Nov 2012

The VA Success Cafe: Episode 3

Technology is the friend of the successful virtual entrepreneur. In this episode of The VA Success Cafe, we cover just a few tools that will be helpful to building your business. Special Note: We discussed Highrise. There is a free version if you follow these instructions: 1) Click this link www.EAtoVA.com/Highrise/ 2) Click, See Highrise Plans and Pricing. 3) Under the 3 options you will see a link for ‘free plan”. 4) Click that link. Voila! You have access to the free version of Highrise.

Podcast &Target Market &Virtual Assistant Wil Hart on 14 Nov 2012

The VA Success Cafe: Episode 2

You already possess the knowledge and skills that prospective clients are willing to pay for. In this audio, you will hear a discussion of why many entrepreneurs need your expertise to solve their problems. Check out the audio and post your thoughts and questions below.

Mindset &Podcast &Virtual Assistant Wil Hart on 07 Nov 2012

The VA Success Cafe: Episode 1

Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can or whether you think you can, you are right.” It is imperative for you as a Virtual Assistant to believe that you will succeed in business. There are a few things that you can do to develop the success mindset. In this audio, you will learn what you need to do to avoid feelings of failure and cultivate a healthy, successful mindset.