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Mindset &Social Media &Technology Wil Hart on 21 Jan 2013

3 Ways To Go Deeper than A “LIKE”

The world of technology is bold, beautiful and downright fancy. We have entered an age of doing almost everything at the push of a button or at the click of a mouse (or track pad you Mac lovers). One of the dangers of technology is that it may be adversely affecting our ability to focus, share and think.

In our quick pace lifestyle, we have learned to stick and move with the newest technology available. However, we have more questions than ever before.

We have the ability to share information at lightning speed. However, we are missing out on making human connections.

We are capable of “Liking” things, without expressing the why behind it.

In this article, it is my goal to help you to slow down and think about what is important for you as a Virtual Assistant. Take time to think about why and how you are using social media. Are you willing to make a deeper connection with the people behind the avatar? When you read a blog post, an article or come across other things that you enjoy, make it your goal to develop a deeper relationship.

Here are three strategies that you can use to make a deeper connection than just clicking the “LIKE” button.

Give A Reason: There is a certain motivation that forces you to click the LIKE button. In order to make a deeper connection, share why you like the thing. Did you read a blog post that gave you a new idea to improve your business? That deserves a LIKE! Did a Facebook friend share new technology that may halve the effort you put into completing a task? LIKE! Whatever the motivation is, give a specific reason for the LIKE.

Ask Questions: If you see a video that is helpful to you and you decide to click the LIKE button, look for a comment box. Ask the presenter a question. This will create an engaging conversation. A few examples of questions you may ask are: What was your inspiration for making that video? How did you get such awesome lighting? When is your next video coming out? With questions, you can get into the mind of the author of the material that you enjoy.

Share Your Thoughts and Experiences: Your feelings, thoughts and experiences are so valuable to other LIKE’rs out there. Deepen your online relationships by sharing. The next time you read a fascinating article that is relevant to you, offer your experience and thoughts. Just as you have benefited from the content, the author will benefit from your heartfelt expressions.

The progression of technology is a wonderful boon to our modern lifestyle. Take time to think about why you want to hit the LIKE button. When you do so, add one of the strategies above in order to create deeper connections with the real people who are online. (Don’t forget to LIKE this blog post and tell me why :-))

Business Management &Social Media &Time Management Wil Hart on 08 Nov 2012

Social Media – Helpful or Hindering?

Social media as a whole is an excellent tool for networking, brand building and many other facets of growing a successful Virtual Assistance company. But the question is, “Are you allowing social media to help you or hinder your success?”

Valid indeed is that question which may need to be answered on a daily basis. So, lets list a few ways that social media can both help and hinder your business success.


  • Unfocused usage of social medial causes you to waste countless hours during the week.
  • Reading and “Liking” comments and discussions that have no bearing on building your business.
  • Surfing and “hoping”. Surfing the web and hoping that you will stumble upon a successful idea keeps you from working hard to accomplish your business goals.


  • Joining and participating in groups that are organized to help you succeed in business.
  • Posting questions that are related to your business.
  • Making beneficial connections that are helpful to you or helpful to others that you meet.
  • Adding value to the lives of people to whom you are connected.
  • Spend short, focused amounts of time to obtain specific goals.

Likely, you can think of many other ways to use social media to either help or hinder your business success. The key is to acknowledge how you are utilizing this wonderful tool and make sure that it is helpful to you.

I’d love to hear your comments on how your social media usage is affecting your business. Post your thoughts below.