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Marketing &Mindset &Motivation &Virtual Assistant Wil Hart on 17 Apr 2015

Where in the HECK have you been?

We know that you’ve been wondering…

Sydni and I have been getting this question a LOT lately. “Where in the HECK have you been?

But, you will be ecstatic when you hear why we have been hibernating for so long. Plus, you are going to benefit a great deal!

So, this note is much less about us and MORE about you and your future.

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This is the training that will teach you exactly what you need to know



For the past year and some months, a whole LOT of coolness has been happening in the world of Smart Simple Marketing (SSM) and Executive Assistant to Virtual Assistant (EAtoVA)

There has been a host of projects that we’ve worked on that has enabled us to hone our skills so that you can get better at developing yours

We have had top notch clients hire us; big name organizations such as:

  • Verizon
  • Oracle
  • Google

Yep, you read that correctly… GOOGLE! And these are just a few of the amazing companies that we have partnered with. Very shortly, you will see how this is going to help YOU to develop your own successful business.

It doesn’t matter if you want to be a Virtual Assistant, an Online Business Manager or a consultant. We are so much better at drilling down what our audience needs and empowering you with the knowledge, skills and resources that will help you to surpass your wildest dreams.

Remember those big organizations that I told you about a minute ago? Well, it gets even better for you… We are now partners with a company that you may have heard of before. it just so happens that it is the nations largest email marketing firm… Constant Contact!

Let me tell you part of the story as to why we’ve been so short on time (and thus away from you for so long).

We have developed a partnership with Constant Contact that keeps both Sydni and I tremendously busy. First, let me share one of the great benefits of this alliance.

CLAIM YOUR Seat For Our Online Master Class

This is the training that will teach you exactly what you need to know


Before joining forces with this amazing company, we spent 100% of our business in a virtual environment. That’s right, we conducted the majority of our business online.

Now, we speak in front of hundreds of people each quarter and the results have been astounding! In fewer than 15 months we have been able to build a database of over 1,500 prospects. Many of them have become clients of ours.

How is this helpful to you? Well, we are living proof that public speaking is a great way to grow your business. When you speak in front of a live audience (or a virtual one), you gain instant credibility and expert status. (Be sure to make a note of this marketing strategy. This piece of advice is a freebie 🙂

Because of our relationship with Constant Contact, we have earned a few certifications as well. These certifications prove that we have gone through a stringent vetting process and Constant Contact now gladly funnels fresh leads to our company. (See why we’ve been away for so long?)

Here is where this gets really good for you. Now that we are Master Certified Trainers and consultants that are vetted by Constant Contact, that means we have so much more valuable content and resources to share with you!

Very shortly, we will be inviting you to online trainings, live seminars (if you live near San Francisco) and other courses and resources that will help you to master email marketing. Whether you use email marketing for yourself or for your clients, we have exactly what you need to take your marketing skills to an expert level.

Trust me, you will want to join some of these events…

CLAIM YOUR Seat For Our Online Master Class

This is the training that will teach you exactly what you need to know



Here at EAtoVA, we have always been big on working with mentors in order to grow our business. So, we have started working with new mentors who have opened our minds to new and exciting possibilities in business.

One of the reasons we created EAtoVA was to make and easier path for individuals who wanted to start and grow their very own Virtual Assistants business. If we can show you some short cuts and speed up your learning curve, that is exactly what we want to do for you!

So what are some of the things that we have acquired from our mentors? We now have the skills to:

  • Identify customer problems more easily
  • Solve customer problems more quickly
  • Educate our audience more thoroughly
  • Create and implement marketing strategies
  • Build marketing funnels

… and the list goes on

Now, we will share with you the vast marketing knowledge that we have acquired. You will learn exactly what we know. Most importantly, you will build the business that you have always wanted.

Stick closely because this is great news for you as a business owner. We have so many wonderful goodies to share with you in the days to come!

CLAIM YOUR Seat For Our Online Master Class

This is the training that will teach you exactly what you need to know


Business Management &Transition &Virtual Assistant Wil Hart on 08 Nov 2013

5 Steps To Starting A Virtual Assistance Business

fire figureYou are likely reading this article because you have a vast array of skills as an administrative professional. In a previous time, you may have been an executive assistant for a large company. Or, you developed your skills supporting a wide range of professionals who needed help with their administrative tasks.

Now, you are looking for another option. The possibility of using your admin support skills to start your own business has become very appealing to you. There are probably 100 reasons why you are interested in started your own Virtual Assistance business.

To name a few, you may desire to:

1. Dictate your own schedule and income
2. Work for the best boss in the world – YOU!
3. Spend more time with family and friends
4. Take better care of an aging relative
5. Retire with grace

The list can go on for miles. The important thing to keep in mind is the motivating force for you. Why are you driven to learn more about building your own business? Your reason is important to me as well. It is so important that I want to share with you 5 keys to keep in mind when starting your VA business from scratch!

The fun part about the steps that I am going to share with you is that you can do them in any order. You have to take the lead and decide which is the next best step for your current circumstances. Heck! You can even do two steps at the same time!

Step 1: Set Up Your Infrastructure Continue Reading »

Marketing &Target Market &Virtual Assistant &Webinars Wil Hart on 23 Oct 2013

#002 VA Success Cafe: Starting New Client Relationships The Right Way

Virtual Assistant Sydni Craig-Hart on 10 May 2013

Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Register

If you have not yet heard, we are hosting a free training that will show you exactly how you can use your administrative background to start your own Virtual Assistance business. This special training is a direct response to the many inquiries that we receive on a daily basis: ‘How do I get started? What is a VA? How do I get clients? How do I approach people? How do I get the courage to be my own boss?’ You will get the answers to these and many other questions. If you are not registered, click the link below.

Register Here

Here are the top three reasons why you should register and join us for this training.

Reason #1 – Learn How To Become Your Own Boss

Picture yourself at your desk in your corporate job. You are the Executive Assistant to a C-Level manager and you have been for years. Your employer probably travels the world to handle business deals and you are helping him (or her) every step of the way. It is your objective to manage travel, produce and finalize presentations, connect with clients in different parts of the world, while at the same time holding the fort down in the home office. You are truly an asset in make multi-million dollar deals a success.

But, you don’t receive a fraction of the credit that you deserve. The skills that you have developed over the years can be your ticket to becoming your own boss. There are millions of small business owners who need the exact same assistance that your C-Level employer requires of you. The only difference is that you would now become the CEO of your own company.  There is no one to tell you what time to punch the time clock. There is no one who will tell you how much you are getting paid. No more! You have just recognized that you have the ability to create the life you want with the talent and expertise that you already possess.

Reason #2 – Learn How To Establish Your Fees

We will teach you how to set up a fee structure that will enable you to support your lifestyle from the comfort of your own home. If a large corporation has paid you for your skills you can certainly make the same money when you become an entrepreneur. How can you do this? You need to make solid plans when you decide to become a Virtual Assistant. Fee structure is important because you will have to replace the income that you once had when you were employed.

Determine how much money you need to make. This should include estimates for taxes, insurances and other expenses that you have in your household. We have a simple formula that will help you to do this quickly and without getting a headache.

Reason #3 – Learn How To Market Yourself

As a Virtual Assistant, you are in the business of solving problems for your customers and turning a profit for your company. Implementing a good marketing strategy is imperative for you to stay in business. Are you apprehensive about showcasing your skills to the world? It’s ok! Many people are and with a little training and practice, you can become adept at marketing your much-needed services.

Let me give you a preview of some simple tactics that you can implement as soon as possible. Remember that your prospects have problems. You, as a virtual assistant provide solutions. Your clients receive big benefits from partnering with you. Always remember to look at your business from the perspective of Problem – Solution – Benefits. Shifting your paradigm to this way of thinking will remove stress and motivate you to help people get the relief they seek. You are an oasis in the desert for your clients.

There is so much more to share! We look forward to working with you during the free training session that is quickly approaching. Register. Mark your calendar. Have fun and learn!

Marketing &Mindset &Target Market &Virtual Assistant Wil Hart on 08 May 2013

It’s ALL about YOU (… or is it?)

customer 2You can become a very successful Virtual Assistant if you focus on the right things at the right time. For example, if you are interested in becoming a virtual assistant but have not yet started your business, that is the perfect time to focus on YOU. Here are some things that you want to consider.

You Focus

Do you have: Continue Reading »

Business Management &Virtual Assistant Wil Hart on 23 Apr 2013

Is Virtual Assistance A Real Business?

woman smiling at computerMany people are fed up and are looking for another way to support themselves financially. Does this sound familiar to you? It is possible that you have reached your limit of dealing with office politics, feeling unappreciated by your superiors, or just tired of the monotonous grind that you have experienced ever day for a number of years.

One of the points previously mentioned may have driven you to this blog. You may have heard a little bit about the Virtual Assistance industry. Perhaps the grapevine of communication has heightened your curiosity about how you can use your administrative skills to build a business of your own. Is it possible to replace or even exceed the income that you currently have? What really is a Virtual Assistant and is it a real business?

Continue Reading »

Business Management &Technology &Virtual Assistant Wil Hart on 01 Apr 2013

How Can You Keep Your Client Work Organized?

Are you a Virtual Assistant who is looking for an easy way to collaborate with you clients and stay organized? If you are having difficulty staying organized in working with your clients, you may have too many locations where you store stuff.

For example, if you have 5 different clients that you work with, where do you save all of your communication? Is it difficult for you to keep track of the instructions that you receive via email? Does information get lost between the time you hear a voice mail to the time that you complete a task or project? It would be great if you could retain all of this information in one place. Well, the good news is, you can!

Basecamp is a fantastic resource that enables you to stay organized and focused when working with clients. Basecamp is online collaboration and project management software. Keep all of your data in one place so that you and your clients can review the same information at the same time. Additionally, you can edit and upload new versions of documents that you share. Why is this important for you? Basecamp will help you to stop losing emails and post it notes and voicemails. Upload all of the client notes that you have to Basecamp. Never lose a task or forget where you made notes about an important conversation.

Why is it so easy to keep track of files and conversations in Basecamp? Everything that you add to this tool is date stamped. You can get a visual timeline of the projects that you are working on currently. This let’s you know what is complete and where you may need to take action on specific project.

It is important for you to get and stay organized in your business. Impress your clients by staying on top of the tasks that you two have agreed on. Use Basecamp as the answer to the problem of being disorganized. Being disorderly is a choice. Therefore, make the choice of taking control of all of your business activity. Decide to be the captain of your business’ organization by implementing tools that will help you to serve your clients in a systematized and orderly way.

Virtual Assistant Sydni Craig-Hart on 15 Mar 2013

If I Were a New VA I’d Start Here

After being in business for 7 years, we have learned what it takes to grow a successful business. We had no idea when we started our first Virtual Assistance business that friends, family and associates would constantly ask the same question: “How did you do it?”

Every single day of the week, we have new members join our community and ask a sought-after question. That question is, “How do I get clients?” Follow along as I share some foundational work that you can copy and start to implement today.

If I were a new Virtual Assistant trying to grow a business, I would do the following:

  1. Assess my marketable skills – In the 17 years that I have been in the work force, I have developed many skills and a wealth of knowledge. People pay for the skills and talents that I use on a daily basis.
  2. Determine what problems my skills solve – Even as an administrative assistant, I solved problems for the people that I worked for. Who created all those spreadsheets and documents and booked all of those travel arrangements? Me, that’s who! If a company paid me for it then, someone will pay me for it as a VA.
  3. List the benefits that my clients will receive when I solve their problem – For a fact, I know that my clients will experience less stress and fewer headaches when I solve their problems. They will also be able to focus on income generating activities as I care for their administrative overwhelm.
  4. Find out who struggles with the problems that I solve – There are a lot of micro-business owners who need the skills that I have. I would reach out to my warm market, or the people who are in my personal network, to tell them about my business as a VA. I’d simply ask, ” Do you know people who are dealing with the problems that I solve?”
  5. Locate where those people ‘hang out’ – Here is where looking into associations and Meet-ups is helpful. I would definitely join a networking group such as BNI in order to expand my network and receive introductions to people who are looking for my services.
  6. Show up in those ‘hang out’ places – I would take action and show up offline and online where people who need me are spending their time.
  7. Help others to solve their problems – Being a valuable resource for others will make me stand out as a “go-to person” when people need help.
  8. Deepen the connections that I make with people – Staying in touch with people that I meet will keep me top of mind when they or something in their network is looking for the solutions that I provide.
  9. Exchange my solutions for fees at the appropriate time – The more connections I make with individuals, the more opportunities I’ll have to exchange my expertise for a fee. Potential clients are already looking for my services. I just need to show up as the solution at the right time.

This list is by no means comprehensive. The key to finding clients is becoming a problem solver in your industry. View prospective clients as people who are looking for solutions to their problems. View your business as THE Solution to their problems. As long as you continue to put yourself in a position to solve other people’s problems, you will always be in business.

Is running a business challenging? Of course! Going in to work for a company every day is also challenging at times. If you want to be successful in running your own Virtual Assistance company, you will need to become adept at the points listed above. Show up in a big way for the people who are already looking for your help. Serve them well and become a VA success story!

Marketing &Podcast &Virtual Assistant Wil Hart on 16 Jan 2013

The VA Success Cafe: Episode 9

You can only do so much marketing by speaking to prospective clients face to face. The marketing materials that you use however, can speak for you and your Virtual Assistance business 24 hours a day. It is imperative that your marketing message, both spoken and written be clearly understood by those who hear or see it. If you have a website, business cards, flyers or any other marketing collateral, what should be included in your message? Find out by clicking the play button on this audio.

Networking &Virtual Assistant Wil Hart on 09 Jan 2013

The VA Success Cafe: Episode 8

What comes to mind when you here the term “Networking”? Do you cringe at the thought of standing in a room with a bunch of people who are passing out business cards and hoping to walk away from the event with more money in their bank accounts? I hope not. That’s far from what networking is or should be. Networking is involved in almost everything that you do. Have you ever needed a baby-sitter or a really good doctor? Where did you turn in order to find someone who is reputable. Likely, you asked a trusted friend or family member. That is networking! Click play on the audio link above and learn how to be natural and comfortable with productive and authentic networking.

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