What clients are saying about working with Sydni Craig-Hart:


Maria Creisson“I have found Sydni to be a refreshing support in the transition from full time employee to self employed business owner. I haven’t the opportunity to sign up to any of her programs yet but what advice she does offer for free is extremely helpful and builds confidence.”

— Maria Creisson, Sterling Sec Virtual Assistant Services – Leicester, Leicestershire, United Kingdom


Linda Henslee“Glad that you understand the difference between good info and the other junk that’s out there. Syndi’s programs are recorded so you don’t have to miss a thing. You should try her programs, you won’t regret it. I know I don’t!”

— Linda Henslee – Santa Clara, CA


Jenelle Daniels“Sydni’s training has been just the vehicle I needed to start my biz. The insider tips and details were what I didn’t find available in other training formats I’d researched. Check out her programs, you won’t be disappointed!!”

— Jenelle Daniels – San Fransisco, CA


Emily MorganWorking with Sydni has been really invaluable and crucialfor me moving forward strategically in my Virtual Assistant business goals. I’m grateful for the guidance and feedback that she provided to me through her coaching programs.One of the most significant changes was taking her advice on gathering referrals. Instead of offering a referral program, as I had planned, I just asked for referrals flat out.  We retained a new client with this strategy that will generate over $6,000 in the next 6 months alone, and I saved money on the front-end by eliminating referral fee payouts.

By implementing just one of the many strategies that she’s shared with me, I’m already seeing results – and I can’t wait to see what the future will bring!

— Emily Morgan, Delegate Solutions / Entrepreneur’s Entourage – Lindenwold, NJ


Joanne LehmkuhlI have been receiving coaching from Sydni for several months now and recently resigned my position as an executive assistant at a venture capital firm to start my own virtual administrative support business. Although I have been planning this transition for awhile, it is perhaps the largest leap of faith I have ever taken in my life, and Sydni has been there for me every step of the way. She “virtually” held my hand as I jumped off the diving board from corporate to entrepreneurship , and continues to calmed my fears, answer my questions, provide invaluable guidance and resources, around every corner.Her expertise and guidance in marketing has already given me the tools to talk effectively, with clarity, about my business, to find the right networking platforms, and I already have solid client leads and strong interest generated from my initial marketing launch a few weeks ago. From operations, to mindset, to marketing; I would not have made it this far, this fast, without her guidance. I now feel confident, excited and prepared to run a successful business! I cannot recommend Sydni more! She is invaluable to me!

— Joanne Lehmkul, New Virtual Assistant, Virtual Ms. Moneypenny, Mountainview, CA


Jannise Bush, B.S.BEFORE I attended Sydni’s Successful Virtual Assistant Mentoring Program, I thought I knew everything I needed to know to be successful. I have an education in business. I have successfully run businesses in other fields. I have a natural ability to bring integrity, structure, organization, and professionalism to everything I do. I also joined Toastmasters to be able to hone my communication and leadership skills. But, after participating in Sydni’s program, I learned you can ALWAYS learn something new. Sydni has helped me take JB Virtual Administrative Services to a whole new level and introduced concepts to me that I had not thought of. Her program allowed me to wisely invest my time, energy, and money into something that truly fit my life’s goal of continuous growth personally and professionally.As a result, I now have a target market for directing my marketing and promotional efforts, and I have the confidence and proper focus needed when networking …and more.

This is a program that is well worth your time and effort and is a must if you have chosen virtual assistance as your career choice.

— Jannise Bush, B.S., JB Virtual Administrative Services


Ana Lucia NovakI started my VA business 3 years ago, and like Sydni, I came from a high tech, corporate environment. I literally winged it. Working with Sydni actually helped me see where I am at, and where I need to be, and it helped me see if I was on the right track. I am psyched!Before taking Sydni’s training, I was literally winging my business – but after meeting Sydni and participating in this call, her clear cut, concise-step-by-step plan mapped out my steps and helped me hone in on building the foundation of my business, organizing it, and preparing me to work with high end clients! If you are thinking about taking this course with Sydni, I think you will save yourself thousands of dollars, spare wasted time and effort and discouragement and will feel empowered to building a successful VA business! Sydni Rocks!

— Ana Lucia Novak, Virtual Assistant, CyberQueen, San Bruno, CA


Shelby Truxon“Sydni-Craig Hart’s coaching has been essential to the process of starting my own VA business. I started out not knowing much about the Virtual Assistant business beyond what I read online or in magazines. Now, since working with Sydni for less than 6 months, I already have my first client and strong prospects for more. (Mind you, I’m still working full-time!)Sydni not only motivates and inspires, but always leaves me with practical tools and resources that I can use right away in building my business. Whenever I’m stuck or need a solution I can always refer to the recordings of our calls or depend on Sydni’s advice during our next session.With Sydni’s help, I’m thinking and acting like an entrepreneur as well as generating interest from potential clients before my business has even started! Working with Sydni has left me with industry information, resources, motivation, a business mind-set and real life examples of what coaching can do for me personally and professionally. I can definitely say articles and book information couldn’t provide me with the level of support and guidance provided by working with a live coach. I highly recommend Sydni Craig- Hart Coaching to anyone considering starting or growing their own virtual assistant business.

I’ve learned more working with Sydni than I could have learned on my own and in much less time. It’s clear right way that she knows what she’s talking about and really wants to see others do well. It’s truly been a eye opening experience as I learn more about myself and the ability I have within to succeed as a VA. Sydni has truly been there every step of the way to cheer me on and offer support.”

— Shelby Truxon, New Virtual Assistant, Dream Factory Marketing, Swedesboro, NJ


Jannise Bush, B.S.“Thank you so much for your fabulous Successful VA Mentoring Program. The format of the program is extremely well organized and the materials are top notch. I also loved having the forum available, even when I only read it and didn’t comment. It helped knowing the other program members were working through their issues just as I was. Probably the best thing I gained from all of this is my friendship with my accountability buddy. She and I have stayed in touch through this whole process, talking for hours, and recently met for dinner in Atlanta. You are an excellent speaker and a thoughtful and diplomatic instructor. Your inspiring attitude, enthusiasm and sense of humor helped keep me on track toward my goal and I have to admit, I’ll miss “attending” class every week.

I have to give kudos, too, to Sandy for answering my questions and resolving problems throughout the course. And she’s a fellow Georgia VA!

As you can see below, my business is in place – started in March – and I actually have my first client!

Well done, Sydni! I’ll be looking forward to your future programs.”

— Cathey Kuhn, Warrior Business Services


Renee Hughes“Before taking your class, I felt somewhat unprepared to enter into the Virtual Assistant industry. Although I have over 10 years of experience supporting high-level Executives, I was afraid of finding out if I had what it takes or not to run my own business. I’ve tried to be a Virtual Assistant before, on my own, and felt like a fish out of water… After taking your class, I understand now why it didn’t work. I was unprepared.This is a real business, and it has its own unique challenges and rewards. I didn’t know how to get started. I wasn’t prepared for the emotional ups and downs. I didn’t believe in myself enough. Your class addressed all of those things, and I feel unstoppable now! I feel like I know what I’m getting into and that I can be a huge success… Thank you Sydni!”

— Renee Hughes, Transitioning Virtual Assistant


Ericka Pineda-Sachsenheimer“Now I feel confident pursuing a career as a Virtual Assistant! This class provided me with the tools necessary to begin. The class was a comprehensive guide from soup to nuts, covering every possible aspect for starting a personal business. And you shared all your knowledge of the business, even citing what mistakes to avoid… Your enthusiasm is unparalleled and empowering. I expect only success in this pursuit. The information I received from this class will only enhance my skill sets as a professional and provide the necessary tools to launch an entrepreneurial venture.”

— Ericka Pineda-Sachsenheimer, Executive Assistant


Before taking this class, my head was filled with all of the potential hazards of starting my own business. However, now that I’ve taken Sydni’s course, I see clearly that with well thought out planning I can be extremely successful and that I have yet to even begin to tap into my full potential!Sydni’s course helped me to see that running my own VA business will result in the ultimate happiness, doing only the things that I love and seeing others benefit from my efforts. If you’re thinking about taking this course with Sydni, I think you should sign up right away and be ready to see yourself as the entrepreneur you want to be! Sydni really opens your eyes to your true potential.

— Deneen Stapleton, Executive Assistant


Before I started working with Sydni, I wanted to be a virtual assistant, but I didn’t know where to start. I came across her programs and found one that would be a good fit for getting started. Sydni provided a lot of information and her overall knowledge of the virtual assistant business and marketing were great. She made me more motivated and I realized I could do what I wanted to do and work toward having my own business. I know that every step of the way, she has resources that can help me. Sydni was honest, friendly knowledgeable, down to earth – I give her programs an A rating. You’ll never regret the money you put into it.

— Brigette Carrington, Executive Assistant