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Marketing &Networking &Virtual Assistant Wil Hart on 06 Jun 2011 06:00 am

Successful Marketing Part III – Your Warm Market

Do you know that you are possibly sitting on a gold mine!  Whether you are new or experienced as a virtual assistant, it is important for you to tap into your warm market.  “What is my warm market?” you may ask?  I’m so glad that you asked that question because it is a great topic for discussion.

What is Your Warm Market?

Your warm market is a special group of people with whom you already have a good relationship.  They already possess the three important factors that are needed in a business relationship.  Those factors are “know, trust and like factors”.  Who are included in this group?  It is your family, your friends, former colleagues, and current clients.  This list is much larger than what is mentioned here.  If you were to think about all of the people that you know personally, your warm market may be larger than you initially realize.  For instance, parents may have several different groups of people that they work with on a weekly basis. Think of the many different networks to which you belong.  Keep in mind that your warm market is comprised of people that you actually know and who know you.  These folks want to see you succeed in your business.  Do all of the people in your warm market know that you have a business?  If not, it is your duty to educate them.

Reach Out To Your Warm Market

No one can do a better job of explaining your business better than you can. Therefore, you have to make the connection with your warm market to alert them of your business goals.  There is no need to feel weird about reaching out to them.  Remember, your warm market consists of friends of yours who want to see you succeed in life.  That includes your virtual assistance business. What is the best way to get in touch with them?  There are two ways that we will discuss:

  • Write a letter:  Sending a letter to your contacts is an excellent way to let them know what you are up to and how you may be able to help each other.  Perhaps many of the people that you send your letter to are not business owners. The key is getting your message to all of the individuals who are interested in seeing you succeed in business. Your letter should be brief.  It needs to detail the type of business you perform for your clients.  It is important for you to explain who your target market is, what problems you solve for them and list some of the benefits that they receive from working with you.
  • Meet face to face:  Do you have people in your network who have direct, influential connections to your target market?  It would be ideal to meet with these individuals face to face.  For instance, maybe one of your contacts encouraged you to start your because of their own entrepreneurial success.  Why not offer to take that person out to lunch or for coffee so that you can pick their brain about how they became successful?  This would be a good opportunity to let them know who your ideal client is and how you serve that person’s needs. Then you can ask who they know that may be looking for the kind of help that you offer to your target market.  Yes, that’s right. Ask for referrals!  Remember, this is an audience that already knows you, but need a little more help with understanding your business. Use this opportunity to educate them, answer their questions and share key phrases they should listen for that indicates a person who is looking for the solutions you offer.

By reaching out to your warm market, you can potentially tap into a wealth of knowledge that can boost your business.  This will work for you if you are new to running your own business or you have been successful for quite some time.  If you have been looking for ways to find new clients, give this easy method of finding clients a shot.  You may be surprised at the help you find.

If you have any questions about reaching out to your warm market, please post them below.  You can also reach to use on our LinkedIn forum.  Join the group and get involved.  You mind find resources that could lead to your next client or two!

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