Maximize Your Success as a Virtual Assistant

  • Would you like to find higher-quality clients and boost your revenue?
  • Do you enjoy the freedom of your Virtual Assistance career, but feel like you need more direction?
  • Are you looking to achieve more fulfillment as a Virtual Assistant?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, we can help.

You already know about the numerous benefits of working as a Virtual Assistant: the freedom to work when and where you want, the ability to pick and choose your clients and assignments, and having full control over your compensation, to name a few. With minimal start-up costs and increased demand for freelancers, it’s no wonder there are nearly 10,000 VA professionals enjoying successful careers across the country.

But in spite of the advantages, a job as a Virtual Assistant isn’t without its own set of challenges. Every entrepreneur faces some degree of anxiety and uncertainty about the future of their business. While freedom is one of the perks of the job, it can be tough to remain focused and disciplined without some degree of direction.Whether it’s how to find our ideal clients, raise our fees, or create standards to protect and support us, we face challenges that leave us confused, hesitant, and in need of some smart advice.

Let us be your Virtual Guide.

To help provide today’s busy VA professionals with the leadership and guidance they need, we conducted in-depth interviews with three of the industry’s most successful entrepreneurs, asking the very same questions that have likely been running through your mind. We were overwhelmed by the vast amount of knowledge, tips, and advice they provided.

Now, we’re offering these audio interviews in a convenient MP3 format, allowing you to listen wherever and whenever you’d like. You’ll benefit from the honest insights and advice from VAs who have overcome many of the same obstacles you’re facing, and have gone on to create thriving entrepreneurships. Through their success stories and cautionary tales, you’ll learn how to maximize your profits, minimize your risk, and achieve the professional fulfillment you’ve always dreamed of.

With each volume, you’ll receive the full audio interview, which can be easily downloaded to your MP3 player, along with a printed version for easy reading and notation.


How To Avoid The Top 5 Mistakes New Virtual Assistants Make – Volume #1

Starting a new business can be a scary prospect. With so many unknowns, there’s also plenty of room for error. Wouldn’t it be nice to learn from the missteps of other Virtual Assistants so you can avoid making them yourself? With this insightful interview, you can do just that.

Antonette Artiz, a Certified Master Virtual Assistant, shares what she wishes she’d known when she first started out in the field. From choosing the wrong clients to underestimating your abilities, you’ll learn all about what not to do when building your VA business.

Price: $49.97 $24.97


How To Avoid The Top 5 Mistakes New Virtual Assistants Make – Volume #2

Choosing the right clients and setting the appropriate fee structures are some of the biggest struggles faced by new VAs. While it can be tempting to snatch up any work you can get, and for any amount offered, it’s important to set the right standards to establish yourself as a high-quality, credible resource.

In this follow-up to the first volume, you’ll hear from Lee Marshall, a Certified Master Virtual Assistant, who has achieved success in her home-based VA business. Lee talks about some of the most common blunders made by those who are just starting out in the industry, along with her insights for recovering from early mistakes and creating a profitable, stable business.

Price: $49.97 $24.97


How To Avoid The Top 5 Mistakes New Virtual Assistants Make – Volume #3

Surrounding yourself with a stable support system is one of the most important things you can do to ensure success as a Virtual Assistant—and that’s one of the central topics of this invaluable resource. You’ll also learn about how to choose the niche that’s right for you and how to avoid the common pitfalls that plague new VAs.

This informative audio interview features insights from Jan Beasley, a full-time VA since 2003. She focuses not only on achieving success in business, but also deriving personal fulfillment and satisfaction from your career.

Price: $49.97 $24.97


BEST VALUE! – The Top 5 Mistakes New Virtual Assistants Make – Volume #1-3

Enjoy all of our interviews!

To get the maximum insight for your money, purchase all three of our informative audio interviews for one low price. You’ll learn all about the most common challenges faced by those breaking into the Virtual Assistant field, along with recommended solutions for overcoming them. In their own words, three of the industry’s most successful VA professionals share their inspiring stories, seasoned wisdom, and cautionary advice.

Whether you’re already working as a Virtual Assistant or you’re considering starting a new career as a VA, you’ll benefit from the priceless information shared in these informative, entertaining volumes. They also make a great gift idea for anyone you know who is considering starting their own business as a Virtual Assistant.

Price: $120.00 $60.00 (a 20% discount vs. buying them separately!)

Kudos from a Satisfied Customer

“As an aspiring VA venturing into the profession, Sydni’s e-series book is one of my professional resources. I found the content to be absolutely excellent. The files were very easy to download. The interviews were casual yet professional, and the conversations were open and honest. This resource helped me pinpoint my three top focus areas: developing a set of standards, creating a training budget, and pursuing my application with Assist U. I was also comforted to hear that it’s okay not to sweat the small stuff. Thank you, Sydni, for providing this valuable resource!”

Barbara Weitzer
Poolsville, Maryland